Summer Heats Up: “Angel,” “Tarzan & Jane” Add to Cast

July is often the best of months for those of us salivating for meaty morsels from the land of television, as network shows, both new and old, begin filming in preparation for the fall season. Via our sources, we are able to bring you today some of the character additions to both a new show (“Angel,” in its fifth season this fall) and one that has only filming a pilot and has yet to be unveiled to the general populace (“Tarzan & Jane”).

The new season of “Angel” begins filming on July 24 in Los Angeles, with an episode written and directed by Joss Whedon. While most of the media has focused on the addition of James Marsters to the cast, there are still some new characters to be added. Although the first episode is still untitled, the premiere will introduce a new character to the Whedonverse named Eve. Described as being in her mid-to-late 20s, she is described as “smart, beautiful, and vulnerable with a sweetness that makes her accessible.”

An ally to the Fang Gang, she is the liaison between Angel (played by David Boreanaz) and the higher beings at Wolfram & Hart. Our source also reluctantly states that she has a hand in bringing Spike into the fold. This new character will be a recurring guest star on the series and the producers are looking for an actress of any ethnicity.

In a portion of the script obtained by, Angel and his crew first find her sitting in Angel’s office, telling them she will help them “find their way.” After a muted reaction, she tells them that “I know what you’re thinking. Lilah Morgan was used to bring you in because she was a familiar face…But you won’t be seeing her again. She was just L.A. I work out of all the branches, keeping them connected is a lot of my job. So I’m your guy. Plus, keeping a dead person animated on a physical plane…wait till you get your power bill.”

Meanwhile, another WB show is looking to add two regular characters to its contemporary adaptation of “Tarzan,” titled “Tarzan & Jane.” In taking the character to New York City, the producers are now looking to cast both Tarzan’s aunt and his cousin. The start of filming is unknown at this time, as is the director of the second episode. The series will film in Toronto.

His aunt, Katherine Clayton, is described as being in her mid-30s and runs Greystoke Industries’ media division. Described as “beautiful, sharp, sophisticated, witty and acerbic, she never passes up an opportunity to be the thorn in her brother’s side (named Richard, he will be played by Mitch Pileggi). She often uses her newspaper and media holdings to expose his corporate scandals and misdeeds.

Katherine lives in the Clayton ancestral home, a Beaux Art behemoth on Fifth Avenue where Tarzan comes to live as well. She is as surprised as anybody when caring for her long-lost nephew brings up warm, nurturing impulses she never knew she had. When Richard tries to control Tarzan to further his own corporate agenda, Katherine becomes as protective and fierce as a lioness. This character will be signed to appear in 10 out of the initial 13 episodes ordered by the network; should the series do well in the ratings, it will be picked up for the last 9 episodes, bringing it to a full season’s order.

The other regular character is Nicki Porter, who will be in 7 of the series’ initial order of 13 episodes. Nicki is Jane’s younger sister, roommate and confidante. Described as “cute, fresh and armed with a decidedly “downtown” sensibility,” she’s a college freshman majoring in fashion design— although she’s considering changing majors to photography, or maybe taking a year off and going to Italy. In other words, casting sources say she is “impulsive, free-spirited, and a little irresponsible,” which makes her Jane’s polar opposite.

Even though they don’t agree on much, the two sisters’ love for each other is remarkably uncomplicated – either sister would walk over hot coals for the other. A firm believer in embracing passion wherever you find it, Nicki is thrilled to see Tarzan enter Jane’s life. In her opinion, Jane could use a little untamed passion.

“Angel” is scheduled to air 9 p.m. on Wednesday’s, following “Smallville,” while “Tarzan & Jane” has been given the 9 p.m. Sunday timeslot.