"Alone in the Dark" adaptation begins shooting in July

The film adaptation of the best-selling videogame “Alone in the Dark” looks to be limping to principal photography, missing the first-announced shooting date of May and now scrambling to fill the two lead roles before filming is scheduled to begins in approximately 30 days.

While it was already known that the protagonist of the game series, Edward Carnby, would be the focus of this $20-million budgeted film, many will be surprised to find that his co-star is Aline Cedrac. She was introduced in the latest installment of the game series, with what looks to be some major character tweaks.

In the film, evil demons from an ancient culture threaten to take over the world. Carnby is described in the casting notes as a “burned-out ex-agent” in his early 30s. Formerly with Bureau 713, which investigates paranormal phenomena, the impassioned scientist has been researching the Abskani culture and mythology for many years and is convinced that there is a war afoot between humanity and a host of evil spirits. For a brief second, he locks glances with the leader of the spirits known as The Queen and his brain is now being slowly overpowered by the forces of darkness.

In an effort to save himself and the world, he teams up with his old girlfriend, Cedrac. She is described as “an extremely bright young woman, fashionably dressed with her hair tied up in a ponytail.” Refreshingly honest with a quick wit, she is angry that Carnby disappeared from her life, rarely communicating for more than two years. However, she nonetheless, instinctively trusts him, and listens raptly as he tells her about his efforts to locate the Abskani King and Queen. As one of the few people alive who speaks Abskani, Cedrac comes up with an ingenious way to foil The Queen, who is searching for a new host.

Doesn’t sound like this will be vying for any Oscar awards, but perhaps a Golden Raspberry. The producers are looking for international star names for the project only. To be filmed in Vancouver, the movie hopes to begin shooting on July 7 and wrap 50 days later on August 25.

From what is described here in the casting notes, the character of Carnby in the film seems to be true to the videogames’ roots. The character of Cedrac, introduced in the 2001 game “Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare,” seems to be reshaped a bit, as the two do not have a pre-existing relationship in the game. She is described on the videogame’s site as a “brilliant student, earning her Ph.D. at age 24 thanks to her phenomenal memory, extraordinary intuition and above-average capacity for work.” In the game, the two do not have a pre-existing relationship.

The series was first launched in 1992 on the PC platform.

Producing and directing is Uwe Boll, whose last directorial effort was the videogame adaptation of Sega’s “The House of the Dead.” French video game publisher Infogrames sold the theatrical film rights to the production house Boll created, Boll Kino, in December.

According to Nick Nunziata of CHUD in a news story today, both “Dead” and “Dark” will be distributed by Artisan Entertainment, with the former seeing a fall 2003 release.

Infogrames has been busy working with Hollywood properties, albeit on the opposite end of the licensing spectrum. The company recently released Shiny Entertainment’s “Enter the Matrix” game and will release a game based on “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” in July.

The Scorecard
Producers: Shawn Williamson
Director: Uwe Boll
Writers: Peter Scheerer, Michael Roesch and Elan Mastai
Casting Directors: Maureen Webb and Colleen Rogers
Shooting Date: Approx. July 7 to August 25, 2003
Location: Vancouver
Production Companies: Brightlight Pictures and Inc/Boll KG