Minimizing the Damage: Fox declines to make trailers for ”From Justin to Kelly"

With the “American Idol” phenomenon running at a fever pitch as another champion is coronated on the Fox Network, its corporate sibling Fox Films has quietly decided to not create a trailer for “From Justin To Kelly,” their would-be “AI” blockbuster musical movie featuring last season’s two finalists, Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini.

The ratings for the show are huge, with over 20 million tuning in each week. Kelly Clarkson’s album debuted at the #1 position on Billboard’s Top 200 chart, and remains in the top ten. An album featuring love songs by the second season finalists debuted in second place last week and plans were recently announced for a summer tour with 10 of those finalists.

So why no preview to attach to films like “The Lizzie Maguire Movie” or other family-themed films debuting in the marketplacer There are two basic theories:

1) The commercial for “From Justin To Kelly” recently shown on one episode of “American Idol” was, in the words of several fans polled by this reporter, “appalling.” There seems to be little chemistry between the two leads. As another fan stated, “Is there such a thing as anti-chemistryr There was more ‘click’ between Kelly and random extras than between her and Justin.”

2) The absolute rejection of “The Real Cancun” by moviegoers has sent everyone involved in movie productions based on the reality series craze into an absolute panic. Reports are coming out of Tinseltown that TV producers — who were just a few weeks ago were hyping the next wave in reality entertainment to the studios — are now doing their best to distance themselves from the craze they tried to start. Is “American Idol” not even immune to this perception when feedback on the advertising been dismalr

When a studio gets behind a film, promotional materials can include multiple posters, standees, banners and cute promo kit sent to theatres filled with hats, t-shirts, buttons, window clings, mobiles and other goodies. Reports have come in that Fox will only make press kits, ad slicks and one poster available for the movie which opens a scant four weeks from this writing.

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