No Digital Cinema Platform Release for "The Hulk"

The central character upcoming big-screen version of “The Hulk” has been faulted for looking far too CGI-animated, yet the studio announced last week that the film will not follow a slew of animated or digitally-enhanced picture with a digital cinema release. The adaptation of Marvel’s green superhero will occur only on celluloid.

Through a spokesperson, the studio said they never planned to go that route. According to the spokesperson, “this was something that was never actually announced by us or anyone connected with the film. Evidently, there were some online postings and rumors going around, but nothing more than that.”

There are more than 60 cinemas that have digital projectors in the U.S. Recent films that have gone the digital route include “Daredevil” and the first two installments of both the “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter” franchises.

Digital cinema allows a film to be distributed to theaters via satellite and fiber optic networks, as well as shows a range of up to 35 trillion colors. According to DLP Cinema’s FAQ for film exhibitors, a film is “immune to the scratches, fading, pops and jitter that celluloid film is prone to show with repeated screenings.”

“The Hulk” will open on June 20th, and stars Eric Bana, Jennifer Connelly, Nick Nolte and Sam Elliott. It is scheduled to be released in 3,250 locations, with over 7,000 prints made.