Three more Hollywood movies go back for reshoots

It seems every time a film goes back into production mode to shoot newly written scenes or reshoot previous material for timing considerations, everyone is ready to call it an out of control production or a bomb in the making. For every “National Security” that goes through last minute filming and still comes out a horrible mess, there is a “Legally Blonde,” whose reshot ending helped the film become a crowd pleasing smash. Which leads us to “Legally Blonde 2: Red White and Blonde” has learned that producers of the highly anticipated sequel are on the hunt for a lookalike for President Bush for a short scene to be shot sometime next week. The context of the scene has not yet been disclosed.

On the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank next week, director Joe Dante will be shooting new scenes for his latest feature, “Looney Tunes: Back In Action.” These scenes will involve fan favorite Pepe LePew and his sexy young French assistant. But what’s all this we hear about her being a spyr

Despite having been previously scheduled to open two months ago before moving to avoid the similarly themed “Biker Boyz,” the Warner Brothers feature “Torque” will be doing one day of additional shooting in the California desert sometime in the next two weeks. The film, which stars Ice Cube, is the feature directing debut of award winning music video director Joseph Kahn and is scheduled to open this fall.