"Resident Evil" Sequel begins search for its Valentine

Bruised, bloodied and disoriented is how we left Alice in the final moments of “Resident Evil.” Emerging from an Umbrella Corporation research lab into an apocalyptic Raccoon City, Alice surveys the tattered vision before her, where the walking zombies known as the Undead have taken over. As the camera rises to fully show the devastation, Alice picks up a shotgun and prepares to fight evil yet again. Where the first ends, the second installment begins, as “Resident Evil: Apocalypse” readies for production.

Sources close to the production tell FilmJerk.com that the casting process has begun in anticipation of a three-month shoot beginning in late July. Returning will be the first installment are Milla Jovovich (as Alice) and Eric Mabius (Matt Addison), as well as a horde of flesh-eating zombies.

New characters that will be joining Jovovich and Mabius include a trio of characters from the “Resident Evil” videogames upon which the films are based. The character of Addison, who was himself infected with the virus that causes humans to develop into zombies, becomes the villain of the sequel.

Characters for the sequel include:
Jill Valentine: In her 20s, Valentine is a cop, but the casting notes indicating that ”her striking looks might make you forget what a top-class police officer she is.” Currently on suspension, the raven-haired Valentine is one of the few cops with experience in dealing with the Undead, and she comes back to work uninvited when Raccoon City is overrun. Tough and resourceful, she is cut off from the rest of the cops when the Undead win, and along with Sergeant Peyton Wells, she tries to find a path to safety through a town crawling with flesh-eating monsters. Along with Alice, she leads the small group of human survivors, and finds her bravery and determination challenged literally at every moment.

In an interview last May (originally appearing on the now-defunct Umbrella Inc., and as reported by IGN FilmForce), director/producer Paul W.S. Anderson noted that Valentine and Alice never meet in an early version of the script—based on the casting notes FilmJerk.com has received, it looks like an early version of the script has been changed drastically. Natasha Henstridge and Mira Sorvino had been mentioned as possibilities for this part, but look to have opted for other work instead.

Carlos Olivera: Battle-hardened with dark good looks, Olivera is the head of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Force, a corporate paramilitary unit sent into combat to defend Umbrella’s interests. Ordered into Raccoon City to help fight the Undead invasion, Carlos soon finds his unit overwhelmed and cut off. Partnered with Nicholai Sokolov, Carlos joins forces with Alice, Jill, and Peyton, and together they try to fight their way out of the city. He is tough, cunning, and resourceful, as well as quite cynical about Umbrella’s willingness to abandon their employees to an ugly death. He is introduced in the “Resident Evil 3” videogame.

Major Cain: With close-cropped hair and piercing eyes, Cain is part of the paramilitary army run by the Umbrella Corporation. Under orders to contain the crisis when the Undead escape from the Hive and overrun Raccoon City, Cain proves himself to be a cold, calculating, amoral, ruthless company man, willing to sacrifice anyone and anybody. Having developed Addison/The Nemesis as the ultimate soldier, Cain sees the Undead attack as the perfect test of the capabilities of The Nemesis, and he’s icily amused to pit Alice against his bio-engineered killing machine.

Sherry Morales: A pretty gal in her 20s, Morales is the vivacious, feisty and ambitious weather reporter for a local station, who has always wanted to be taken seriously as a journalist. When the city is overrun by the Undead, Sherry is quickly taken off the air, and has to flee for her life. She falls under the protection of Alice and Valentine, and does her best to record the truth of the horrors of Raccoon City with a camcorder. Terrified but willing to do what it takes to defend herself, Sherry ultimately is attacked by a gang of Undead children, but after her death her video is aired and she acquires posthumous respect for her work.

Dr. Ashford: Beset in a wheelchair and armed with an IQ in the high hundreds, Ashford is a genius who invented a formula to develop super-humans. Possessed of a crippling neuro-muscular disease, Ashford hoped to prevent his beloved daughter, Angie, from becoming an invalid like himself. Unfortunately, his formula fell into the hands of the Umbrella Corporation, who accidentally created a hellish virus during the course of creating a super-soldier. Now left behind when the starving Undead besieges Raccoon City, Ashford uses his cunning to communicate with two teams of survivors, offering them both a helicopter flight to safety if they will only rescue his daughter. But in the end, Ashford’s genius can’t save himself. Interestingly, in the videogames, his grandson and granddaughter play a prominent role in “Resident Evil Code: V,” trying to reclaim the honor of their lineage.

Sergeant Peyton Wells: A hardened police officer, the casting notes say he’d be “the kind of man you’d trust in a bad situation.” A sergeant with the Special Tactics and Rescue Squad, Peyton works to fight the sudden invasion of flesh-eating Undead, but is bitten in the leg during a retreat. He joins forces with the suspended Jill Valentine, and together they attempt to find an escape route out of the city before the infection transforms him like all the others. A tough man who hopes that his sister and her daughter made it out of town, Peyton fights alongside Alice and the others.

Nicholai Sokolov: Carlos’ second in command, this rugged younger man bears a face that is like a roadmap. Part of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Force, he is ordered into action when the Undead overrun Raccoon City. The Russian-speaking Nicholai is shocked by the horrors on display in the city. His small unit grows steadily smaller, and he and Carlos later are cut off and join forces with Alice and Valentine. Coldly rebuffed when he tries to flirt with Alice, he is later captured by Major Cain.

Daddy Prime: A well dressed pimp daddy, he survives the first attacks of the Undead, and finds himself holed up in a gun store. Amused to find himself fighting alongside Captain Henderson, Daddy Prime uses his custom Uzis to gun down the Undead, and is miraculously spared when Nemesis wipes out the other humans at Mostly Colt. The casting notes suggest this role is currently being expanded.

McKenzie: A Scotsman in his early 30s, McKenzie is a human survivor of the plague of the Undead, who is holed up in the Ravens’ Gate Church, along with Valentine and her party. A man who is losing his grip and desperately frightened over having left his wife behind, he is only in two scenes…so you can guess what happens to him.

Not known at this time is who will be directing the sequel, as Anderson has not yet decided if he will take the reigns for the sequel. He is, however, producing and is writing the script. Constantin Films remains the production company for the sequel, which is aiming for a 2004 release.

The Scorecard
Executive Producer: Robert Kulzer
Producers: Bernd Eichinger, Samuel Hadida, Jeremy Bolt and Paul W.S. Anderson
Director: TBD
Writer: Paul W.S. Anderson
Casting Director: Robyn Ray
Production Company: Constantin Films
Shoots: End of July – September
Location: Toronto