Bryan Singer to Have "X2" Ready By Week’s End; More Details Emerge

With only three weeks to go before its May 2 opening, sources close to the “X2” production are telling that director Bryan Singer is within a couple days of completing the final cut of his sequel to the landmark 2000 film which ushered in a resurgence of superhero movies.

Unless there is a drastic change before the week is up (and we doubt that happening), Singer’s movie will clock in at 135 minutes (2 hours and 15 minutes), which is a full half hour longer than the first film.

The sequel revolves around the continued efforts of those in society who fear and distrust mutants trying to quarantine them from the public. The anti-mutant cause grows stronger following an failed attack on the President of the United States by an assailant possessing extraordinary abilities to teleport at will, renewing the political and public outcry for both a Mutant Registration Act. A vocal and wealthy military man, William Stryker is rumored to have experimented on mutants, somehow tied to Wolverine’s mysterious and forgotten past. As Wolverine searches for clues to his origin, Stryker puts into motion his anti-mutant program, launching a severe attack on Professor Xavier’s mansion. Magneto, newly escaped from his plastic prison, proposes a partnership with Professor Xavier and the X-Men to combat their common and formidable enemy… Stryker. For more details on the film, please be sure to visit our review of the “X2” script, dated two months before production was to begin.

A number of reports to have also stated recently that one of the X-Men, (click to view invisi-text)Jean Grey, will die in the film’s third act, helping to set up the Dark Phoenix storyline for the third film in the franchise.

Fox has lined up a number of lucrative partnership deals for “X2: X-Men United,” all of which should be kicking off soon, from Baskin-Robbins (look for an X2 themed free scoop night at all 2,400 stores nationwide), Dr. Pepper (one billion cans and bottles will feature the X2 logo and characters), Kraft (brands Tang, Chips Ahoy, Kool-Aid, Oreo’s, Ritz Bitz, Cheese Nips and Ritz Bitz Sandwiches will all feature on-pack promotions), Mazda (selling their new RX8), Radio Shack (mini remote controlled “X2” Mazda RX8s will be available) and Wal-Mart (who will host an “X2” themed 3-D Challenge in all stores on May 3, where consumers will sample Nabisco and Kraft product).

“X2” Scorecard
Director: Bryan Singer
Writers: Michael Dougherty, Dan Harris, David Hayter, Zak Penn and Bryan Singer, based on characters created by John Byrne, Chris Claremont, Jack Kirby, Stan Lee and Len Wein
Producers: Lauren Shuler Donner, Ralph Winter
Featuring: Halle Berry, Brian Cox, Alan Cumming, Bruce Davison, Kelly Hu, Hugh Jackman, Famke Janssen, James Marsden, Ian McKellen, Anna Paquin, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Aaron Stanford, Patrick Stewart
Distributor: Fox
Opening Week Release Pattern: 8500 plus prints in 3500 locations on May 2
MPAA Rating: PG13 for sci-fi action/violence, some sexuality and brief language
Running Time: 135 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1
Sound Format: Dolby Digital, DTS, SDDS