The Lowe Down on Family Guy and Adult Swim

Does anybody like Family Guy besides me? I know for sure I am not the only one. After the Seasons 1 and 2 DVD came out in Italy on Region 2, I was thoroughly upset. Recently it was revealed that it would be on DVD here SOON, and now this. That is fantastic.

Late last night, at about 12:30 a.m., the TV began to blare a brand new commercial for the newest Adult Swim addition. Now this news should make fans of good cartoons happy.


Now this news made my head swell. Since this cartoon grouping aimed at adults started, one of the shows they had been missing (as well as a few others), was the cancelled and very hilarious Family Guy. No adult cartoon block could be complete without this addition, the show that made FOX cringe on more occasions than any other, the one show that did not stop for anything, just jabbed and jabbed without any fail.


Alright, the reason for this is because this show pulls no punches. On numerous occasions, sexual humor played a major role. One such episode involved Lois (the mother) going to the gynecologist for a routine check-up. Funny stuff like this COULD NEVER happen on The Simpsons. Name one episode where Marge went to her gynecologist and talked while getting prodded and even yelped when the cold tools went inside her and I will call you a liar.

Also, Family Guy was never false about what it was. It was a disgusting cartoon that never had qualms about its spot in cartoon history. It never was overly serious, it was never serious at all.

It was also cancelled by Fox five times, certainly a record that will never be equaled. The show that was funnier and a lot of times more disgusting than South Park (Peter the dad attempted to breast feed the baby Stewie, Chris the oldest son tried to go to the moon by climbing the tallest tree, the neighbor Quagmire made numerous attempts to date Lois, but always managed to stalk and create a faux Lois in his house).

These situations, as well as SO many others, lead to this being the one show that even Fox was too shy to keep on the air.

Featuring a dad who was like Chris Farley, a son who was in the vein of a drugged up Opie, a baby bent on world domination, an ugly daughter with no friends, a dog who could talk and was an alcoholic, and a mother who grew up in the circus and loved to steal drinks from frat guys, this show never gave up.

The creator, Seth McFarlane, was even hated by Kevin Smith. The reason: Seth won an Emmy, Kevin’s show was cancelled before it even hit the air.

Family Guy joins the Sunday line-up starting April 20th, and will be shown at 11:30, 10:30 EST. Watch and love the show that truly was the best thing to happen to TV.

The First and Second Season DVD comes out on April 15th. Get that too. Two seasons for 50 bucks is a great deal, and well worth your time.