What the heck is Todd Solondz up to Now?

I’ll tell you straight out. I don’t think much of the work of Todd Solondz. Not that I am offended by his works. I find them boring, substituting manufactured controversy in the place of real storytelling. However, when one is given exclusive information about the latest work from an artist he can’t stand, the critic must step aside and present the news accordingly.

Filmjerk.com has learned today that Mr. Solondz will commence shooting on July 7 in the New York/New Jersey area on his latest project, “Palindromes.” A palindrome is, as intelligent people, fans of “The Simpsons” and people with access to Dictionary.com know, a word, phrase, verse, or sentence that reads the same backward or forward. And judging from the myriad of palindromes listed at Palindrome fan site Mockok.com, most palindromes make little to no sense.

Is Solondz trying to make some Fellini-esque statement with his titler It’s pretty well known Solondz often uses one film to “answer” the critics of his previous film. The storyline itself is being kept under wraps, but we can give you an idea of what portions of the film will be about, based on casting calls sent out today. “Palindromes” seems to revolve around the Aviva Victor, her family and their friends and neighbors. Aviva is thirteen, awkward and sensitive. Her mother Joyce is warm and loving, as is her father, Steve, a regular guy who does have a fierce temper from time to time.

Disabilities will play a factor in the story. In addition to casting a vision-impaired actress to play the seventeen-year-old Barbara, the production is looking for a number of children from seven to seventeen with disabilities of all kind, preferably with some kind of musical ability, although that ability or previous acting experience is not required. Additional characters include
Mama Sunshine, a mid-western lady, warm, emotional, maternal and big-hearted, real salt of the earth type, Bo, Mama Sunshine’s husband, mid western, the head of the family, rugged but kind-hearted, Judah, sixteen year old friend of Aviva’s, luggish and serious, and Doctor Dan, another Midwesterner, a friendly family doctor who loves children and they love him, especially when he clowns around with them, very respected by his community.

Those who feel they may know someone in the Tri-State area who can play one of these roles should contact Ann Goulder, the film’s casting director, at Ann Goulder, c/o Palindromes, 43-01 21st Street – Suite 330A, Long Island City, NY 11101, with photos and resumes.

”Palindromes” Scorecard
Director: Todd Solondz
Producers: Lisa Muskat, Mike Ryan
Writer: Todd Solondz
Casting Director: Ann Goulder
Production Company: Extra Large Pictures
Shooting Locations: New York/New Jersey/Connecticut tri-state area
Production Start Date: July 7, 2003