In Search Of The One For Samantha

As HBO’s “Sex & the City” begins pre-production on the final 8 episodes of the series’ run, the search begins for a new lead character that will pair off with Kim Catrall’s Samantha Jones. Venturing where many others have already gone, this new lead is being set up as “the one” for television’s favorite PR maven.

According to sources close to the production, the new character, named Jerry, is not only blessed with beauty and brawn, but is “bright, articulate, genuine, straight-forward and sexy.” Relaxed with who and what he is, this 28 year old “good guy is” a hero to Samantha, not just one of her passing fancies. Apparently, he means something to her. Of course, he is extremely handsome with an unbelievable physique.

According to one source, “They want to create a star of the character; therefore, they’re looking for someone who possesses all of these attributes, as well as who can really act. With many sides to this role, they’re hoping to find a Brad Pitt-like actor, circa ‘Thelma and Louise.’ It sounds like the producers are searching for the next Mr. Big or Jack Berger.”

The production is searching high and low for star names as well as unknowns, including models and musicians who can act. Sure to the pleasure of the show’s core demographic, the producers caution that the actor must be willing to bare all and sign a contract stipulating this.

Screening for potential fellas begins on or about the 2nd week of March, and taping of the sixth season begins in New York two weeks after that. Jerry will make his first appearance in sixth season’s opener, but sources are mum on details on how many of the episodes the character will appear.

“Sex and the City” will air 12 episodes this summer, followed by an eight-show run starting in January 2004 that will wrap the series.

If you feel you are rightly suitable for this role, please feel free to have your agent contact the casting director for the series.

The Scorecard
Executive Producer: Michael Patrick King
Co-Executive Producers: John Melfi, Sarah Jessica Parker & Cindy Chupack
Casting Director: Jennifer McNamara
Director: TBA for Episode 6.1
Location: New York City
Start Date: March 31st, 2003
Production Company: Sex & the City Productions
Network: HBO