"Blair Witch" Producer Goes On a Roadtrip With An "@lien"

I don’t know what it is about the “Blair Witch” guys and quirky romantic comedies. First, directors Dan Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez announced their plans to make “Heart of Love,” which they described as a Monty Python-esque send-up of romantic comedy. Now, co-producer Gregg Hale throws his hat into the romcom ring with his upcoming directorial debut, the capriciously titled “@lien.”

Story will revolve around the love triangle of three twentysomethings, centered by the “geekily beautiful” Hannah. One of her lovers, known only as alien, is involved purely through the Internet. The story follows Hannah as she crosses the country with the flesh and blood third of the triangle, Henry, who is evading the law. Henry doesn’t know that Hannah is using their ‘escape’ to finally meet alien face to face. The journey will lead Hannah to discover real love, her estranged Mother, and herself. Film purports to take a very honest look at sexual relationships in a non exploitative way, but not shy away from any facet of their intimacy.

Hannah is described as “beautiful in a quirky/geeky kind of way.” Full of love she doesn’t know how to express; totally lovable but not capable of letting herself be loved. Highly intelligent,
creative, and fun but currently suffering through a pretty serious bout of depression, alienation
and thoughts of “what the hell am I doing with my life.” Her goal in life is to be a good writer, but she has barely left her bedroom in the past year, and finds herself in love with an ‘alien’ she only communicates with through the Internet.

Henry, part beat poet and part hoodlum, is attractive in a rough-hewn fashion, with a masterful body born of hard living. Part romantic/part typical 23 year old male-slut, Henry is beyond being a mere slacker. Living an old Airstream trailer in the woods, he’s very a nearly a bum, but his lust for life elevates him into the classic wandering artist archetype. His free approach to life often gets him into to trouble.

Alien is simply a genius level guy, which naturally makes him a little freaky, controlling and
manipulative but with a seductive mastery of the written word.

In addition to Hannah’s mother, the overty-relgious Catherine, there is Dana, Hannah’s twenty-nine year old roommate and de-facto motherfigure. The atypical student who will never finish college, Dana is the type of person whose resilience and common sense will get her through. Dana loves to use and abuse college freshman ‘boy-toys.’

Hale plans to utilize what he learned on his once-groundbreaking project by shooting fast and loose using 24P DV cameras. The five week shoot, which begins in June, will stay three weeks in Athens, GA before taking two weeks on the road between Athens and San Francisco by way of New Orleans. Interested actors should go to the @lien casting page, where dates and locations of tryouts, plus sides for various scenes that will be used during production, can be found.


The Scorecard
Director: Gregg Hale
Producers: Mellissa Berry, Bob Eick, Gregg Hale
Screenwriters: Rachel Davis, Gregg Hale
Production Company: Haxan Films