Gilmore Boy Hangs Five

As you may have heard recently, “Gilmore Girls” is giving Jess his own show! In a very special two-part episode that will be the launching pad for the currently untitled new series, Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) will begin a new life in Venice California (Leaving Rory for Dean, I hope!).

Jimmy, his dad, is described as being in his mid 30s to late 40s. Jess’ biological father left him right after he was born and is described as a charming man with a past. He is just now getting his life together and is not sure how to be a father. His relationship with Jess is more like friends than that of father and son. Jimmy loves the beach and has just redone a vintage hot dog stand that is just opening and is ready for business. Other charaters include skater girl Ivy, Chance, her younger brother, Sasha, Jimmy’s live-in girlfriend and Lily, her 8 year old daughter (Hee! We know how much Jess hates kids!). Ivy hangs with a skater posse including Skinner (a foil for Jess), Chuck, Tree and a girl named Bob.

The story is as follows: Jess Mariano goes to Venice, California to seek out his father. Before finding his father, Jess has a run-in with Ivy, a tough skateboarding chick, after stepping directly on her little brother’s artwork and ruining it. He must also face the motley skateboarding crew that hangs out with Ivy on the Venice Boardwalk. When he finally does find his father’s place, he meets up with Sasha, his dad’s girlfriend, and her owllike daughter Lily, as well as several cats and dogs that Sasha has rescued on the streets of Venice. Personally, I’m ambivalent because Jess isn’t my favorite. But, with the Gilmore Girl creative team behind this, it has a chance for some great dialogue. The skater gang aspect is horrid, though. Jess seems way too old to be having little slappy fights with sk8ter boiz.

I hope they get dropped and Jess gets some college-age coffee house geek poseur pals to debate Ayn Rand with!

Scenes between Jess and his father will shoot from February 21 to March 4, while the remaining scenes run from March 27 to April 7.

Director: Amy Sherman-Palladino
Executive Producer: Amy Sherman-Palladino
Writers: Amy Sherman-Palladino
Casting Directors: Jami Rudofsky / Mara Casey
Location: Los Angeles