"The Wire" Taps Into Search for Season Two Baddies

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With HBO officially announcing that “The Wire” would be picked up for a second season late last month, David Simon’s drama now turns its focus to casting new characters.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the series will shift its focus from the drug wars in high-rise housing projects to the Port of Baltimore. With Dominic West’s Det. Jimmy McNulty now demoted to the city’s harbor patrol, this is a logical step for the series, but some of the fans are upset they are moving away from the latter angle (the storyline involving Stringer Bell will now become a secondary focus)—and there is talk that this focus might return in the third season.

According to our sources, here are several of the new characters slated to become an integral part of the next season.

Frank Sabotka: Described as being in his mid 40’s and Caucasian, he will be a series regular. Frank is the vice president of the Longshoreman’s Union and, despite the fact that he is involved in some shady activities, he has a strong moral center. His son is a wild card and a great concern to him.

Pinkie Sabotka: The “wild card” son to Frank above. A series regular, he is in his early to mid 20’s. Pinkie is a hustler who both uses drugs and picks up cash as a buyer of drugs (is this David Simon’s way of integrating the two storylinesr). While physically smallish, Pinkie is dangerous, short-fused and lives on the edge.

An as-yet-unnamed Port Authority police officer: Somewhere in her mid 30’s to mid 40’s, this policewoman is a strong, even-tempered and down to earth person, but life has given her some hard knocks. She is also slated to be a series regular.

Nick: In his early to mid 20’s, he is a good friend of Pinkie. The casting call alert notes that Nick runs in the same circles, but is more levelheaded. This is listed as a recurring role, although the possibility of it being upped to a series regular still exists.

Although I myself had hoped that the series would continue on a path similar to Michael Stone’s novel “Gangbusters,” this might be a good change. Look for “The Wire” to hit in either the summer or fall of 2003.


The Scorecard
Director: TBA
Writer: David Simon
Producers: Bob Colesberry, David Simon
Casting Director: Alexa L. Fogel
Start Date: Early 2003 (approximately 1/22/03)
Location: Baltimore