Shatner “Unleashed”

Sometimes, when I read some of the items I receive, I have to wonder what the hell someone was thinking when they accepted a role in a certain movie. Is this person really so desperate to work, they feel this will help set their legacy in the years to come? I can understand when a young Michelle Pfieffer accepts a jiggle role on a TV version of “Animal House” because she wants to be seen. I can understand when a young Kevin Bacon signs on to do a cheapo horror film called “Friday The 13th” because he wants to be seen. But what can be going through the mind of a legend like William Shatner when he accepts a role in a low budget film which at best is a doggie version of “Mannequin?”

In the upcoming film “Unleashed,” Shatner will co-star as the mysterious Mr. Pierre, in this story about a Black lab name Romeo who finds himself magically transformed into a 30 year old man. Although Romeo, who now calls himself RJ, can speak English, he is unable to read the language, and still maintains his canine instincts of scratching behind his ears, stretching by arching his back, hating cats and chasing squirrels, as well as being loyal, affectionate, cheerful and protective when it comes to Julie, his master. To Julie, this new man is an exciting and refreshing change, as she has troubles maintaining a relationship with any man on this planet.

Naturally, in any oddball romantic comedy, you need to have some oddball supporting characters.

Melantha is Julie’s offbeat new-age friend who believes in the powers of the universe, crystals and other cosmic forces. Amir is the India-born owner of the New Dehli Deli frequented by Julie after her jogs through Central Park, who has acclimated to life in America in colorful hip-hop form by wearing FUBU clothes, bling-bling chains and raps along with P Diddy songs. Madame Divina is the colorful Greenwich Village psychic counselor who holds the key to the mysterious happenings in the neighborhood. Shari and Carol are two more of Julie’s friends, one who has trouble keeping off men an hour after meeting them, the other so depressed about her lot in life that she cannot get over a recent New York Post poll that says a woman over 30 in the city has a better chance being the victim of a terrorist attack than getting married. Ian, Julie’s partner in her photography business, is the least effeminate gay man in the city. And Trevor, the lead singer of a band who Julie is shooting, fakes an English accent and positions all the members of his band as bisexual, believing that image is as important, if not more so, than the music.

Joel Silverman, who made his directing debut in 2001 on the Harvey Keitel/Brad Rowe drama “Nailed,” will be shooting in New York City in early 2003. Casting is currenly underway in The Big Apple. If you feel you are perfect for one of these roles, have your agent contact the production company or the casting director. Any request sent to us will not be answered.

The Scorecard
Director: Joel Silverman
Producers: Josselyne Herman, Susan Jackson, Luis Moro
Start Date: Early 2003
Location: New York City