Legally Blonde 2

As those who have seen the surprise hit “Legally Blonde” know, Reese Witherspoon’s Elle Woods graduated with honors from Harvard and was engaged to hunky studmuffin Emmett (played by Luke Wilson). In the about to shoot sequel, “Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde,” Elle puts her wedding on hold and heads for Washington D.C. in an effort to get an animals testing bill passed. She is galvanized into action after learning that her beloved dog’s birth parents are being held at a lab for testing by a cosmetic company, and will be unable to attend her own wedding, unless she does something right away.

As Elle needs to find a place to live in Washington, she naturally moves into the Watergate complex, where she befriends Sidney Post. Arthritic and in his late 60s, with an eternally-crooked bow tie, he is the longtime doorman at the Watergate apartment complex where Elle has rented a place to stay. A grandfatherly type who knows more about the workings of Washington than most politicians, he is befriended by Elle who soon comes to rely on his expertise, insights and observations. Not only does he know how to get a bill on the floor, he knows the idiosyncrasies of pretty much everyone on Capitol Hill. He helps Elle with everything from Congressional protocol to picking out bridesmaid dresses.

At the beginning, Elle works for Congresswoman Victoria Rudd. Tall, regal, elegant and blonde, Mrs. Rudd is an admirer of Elle’s, and tells her that Washington could use a few more like her. Delighted to have Elle on board as a legislative aide, she explains to her other wary aides that Elle will be working on the animal testing bill, a bill she has long backed herself. However, this quintessential politician sorely disappoints Elle when she withdraws her backing for the bill, all part of an effort to see another law on education given the votes it needs. Elle also must deal with Grace Stoteraux. Grace is in her early 30s and works at the Chief of Staff for Congresswoman Rudd, A woman with a tough exterior and the ambition to match, Grace is clearly displeased when Elle is hired to work on the animal testing bill, she had long considered that bill hers. Openly mocking of Elle, whose cubicle looks more like a wedding coordinator’s office, she is a hardened, rather cynical lady who has little time for Elle’s enthusiastic idealism.

On the other side of the aisle, Elle has to deal with Congresswoman Morgan Holland. In her 50s, with zero sense of humor, Mrs. Holland is all business. The only splash of color comes from her hair; Holland is a brazen redhead. Renowned for her toughness, she has no interest in backing Elle’s silly bill banning animal testing for cosmetics. She and Elle are practically at each other’s throats in the hair salon where Holland is having her hair done. However, all animosity quickly evaporates when the two discover they are both former Delta Nu Sorority Sisters. In fact, Holland is very impressed when she realizes that Elle is none other than “the girl who kicked Harvard Law in the pants.” She quickly pledges her support for the bill, particularly after Elle shows her some solid demographics regarding the people in her district.

Elle also befriends Congressman Stanford Marks, a true Southern gentleman Elle first sees walking his poodle, A conservative Republican and NRA spokesman. he and Elle share some heartfelt moments after both learn from the dog spa receptionist that their pets are gay. Unable to stay in the “closet,” Congressman Marks makes a statement to the House, nervously explaining that his dog is gay, and that he couldn’t be prouder of the “little flamer.” He becomes a strong supporter of Elle’s animal testing bill.

Charles Herman-Wurmfeld, the director of Kissing Jessica Stein who recently helmed the pilot for the Legally Blonde TV series, will guide the film. Shooting begins in November in Los Angeles and Washington DC. If you feel you are qualified to portray one of these roles, contact the production company directly.


The Scorecard
Director: Charles Herman-Wurmfeld
Writers: Kate Kondell
Producers: Marc Platt and David Nicksay
Executive Producer: Reese Witherspoon
Casting Director: Joseph Middleton