Bad Boys 2

Four months ago, we brought you first word on a number of new characters for the upcoming sequel to Michael Bay’s debut feature. But what does it tell you when the company starts casting for new roles a month after the film began shooting?

Are Bay, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence rewriting the script as shooting progressesr Are the dailies not looking good enough, so they need to tinker around and add new materialr One new addition is just a minor gag (A heavy set black woman {as the casting call sheet says} with two kids tells Marcus and Mike that they’re just “two fucks that need Jesus!”), but the second could possibly affect the overall storyline.

This character is a sexy female of Cuban descent, in her late 20s to early 40s. She’s from a street background, but now is more cultivated and a shrink. She sleeps with Mike, but gets jealous when he passes up her admittedly appealing attentions in favor of his work obligations. On its own, that sounds somewhat innocent enough. But my writer’s intuition tells me you don’t introduce a new character to interact with a main character unless there is some kind of payoff later on.

We’ll know in June.