Glazer’s “Birth”

Music video filmmaker Jonathan Glazer made an impressive feature debut with 2001’s arthouse hit “Sexy Beast.” This past May, it was announced that Glazer would be teaming with Robert DeNiro and Benecio Del Toro on an American remake of the Japanese film “Chaos,” but little has been heard about that film since the initial announcement. Not one to sit around and wait, Glazer has pulled together a new project for himself, “Birth,” which is set to begin filming in New York City this coming January.

Glazer has teamed with Jean-Claude Carriere (whose screenplay credits include The Return of Martin Guerre, The Unbearable Lightness of Being and That Obscure Object of Desire) for the story of David Conte, a 12 year old boy born and raised in Brooklyn. Described by Glazer in an interview as an “emotionally brutal piece of work,” David is an average student at public school who often reverts to his fantasy world of mini bikes, BB guns and his two best friends Patrick and Stevie.

Little else is known about the project currently, as Glazer is keeping this very close to his breast. Although auditions for the role of David began today in New York, we understand there is no screenplay being made available for the audition process. Which, of course, will only make me work harder at trying to get one.


The Scorecard
Director: Jonathan Glazer
Writers: Jean-Claude Carriere and Jonathan Glazer
Additional Dialogue: Milo Addica
Producers: Jean-Louis Piel and Nick Morris
Associate Producer: Kate Meyers
Casting Director: Avy Kaufman