xXx2 and xXx3

How hot is Sony to lock up another potential franchise? We all know by now that Vin Diesel has been offered twenty million for the sequel to his latest film. What you might not know is that Sony wants to keep Vin in the family, and has thrown the Bald One an additional offer:

Twenty two million and three percent of the gross for a third film.

Word out of Culver City says the contracts could be signed any moment now.

And yes, I could go on for quite a while about how horrid Rob Cohen’s direction was, not that this would come as any surprise to those who endured Dragonheart. Or how insipid the dialogue was. But you know what? I saw this in a full house in New York City on opening night, and the crowd really got into it. They didn’t give a damn about how cheesy the whole affair was. They had a great time with Vin and his car stunt… and at the diner… and in South America… and the rest of the film. By the time we got to the avalanche scene, many in the audience were standing and cheering as if we were at Yankee Stadium, instead of stadium seating at the AMC.

And when it all comes down to it, isn’t that one thing movies should do? Allow you to have some vicarious thrills once in a while? So hey, if Sony thinks Vin deserves dollar one gross, by all means let them give it to him. Maybe he is more than a pretty boy with a cueball head and a deep voice. We’ll know soon enough.