Mimic 3

Mimic was an interesting enough movie, although it didn’t do quite the business Miramax/Dimension had hoped. But thanks to the Blockbusters of the world, who will gladly stock anything they think will remotely earn them an extra buck, another franchise has been created. I know there was a Mimic 2 only because Savant wrote about it last year. I have no idea how well it sold or how popular it was at rental stores. But it must have done enough to warrant a second sequel, Mimic Sentinel.

This time around, our hero is Marvin Montrose. Because he suffers from the rare Strickler’s disease, a usually fatal pathogen attacking the lungs, Marvin spends his entire life frustrated by the confines of his room. He spends hours of each day watching his neighbors through his tenth story window. One evening he notices something very strange. With the help of his sister, Rosy, and his beautiful friend Carmen, they watch as their neighbors begin to mysteriously disappear. Upon further investigation, Marvin discovers that their entire neighborhood has become invested by giant cockroaches out to kill.

Marvin is in his mid 20s. He is thin, appealing and endearing with “a sparkle”, with a comedic sensibility. He is antiseptically clean, hair close-cropped and nearly shaven. Immediately likeable, bright in a scientific and analytical way, not threatening in any way, he’s a little bit awkward. His interests include photography, true crimes, psychology, and the evolution and extermination of the Judas Breed (roach). He has spent his life in a bubble room due to his disease, but with the help of inhalers and a small tank of oxygen, he is perfectly capable of making excursions outside of his room. Photography has been Marvin’s constant passion and it is obvious from his surroundings that he has made his unaware neighbors his subjects.

Rosy is 18, self-consciously cute, confident, energetic, sarcastic, always excited and happy. She dresses for attention, but craves affection. Rosy and Marvin are extremely close and have a warm and loving brother/sister relationship. She’s got a sharp mind and enjoys teasing Marvin. Although she says life excites her, Rosy likes to get stoned all the time and she has a natural jubilance that is mesmerizing. She would never say or even think it, but her urge to live fast could very much be a reaction to the stifling presence of her very sick brother. Rosy puts up a tough exterior, but it doesn’t run very deep.

Carmen (who will be Latino or African-American) is in her mid 20s. She’s beautiful, sexy and fun, open to the thrill of the unknown, she immediately likes Rosy and Marvin. She’s bright, clean, and unselfconscious, and finds herself somewhat attracted to Marvin. A dentist’s assistant, Carmen is always pampering herself and lounging in seductive clothes, but she is immaculate and often wears a dust mask. Marvin’s favorite subject to watch and photograph Carmen is befriended by Rosy and immediately becomes a part of the trio to investigate the mysterious disappearances of their neighbors. And you lucky boys, she’s gone get nekkid too at some point too!

The other New Yorkers who will help the trio fight the nasty cockroaches are:

Simone Montrose: Marvin and Rosy’s widowed mom. She is pleasant but slightly frazzled, permanently exhausted from raising two children on her own. She is a responsible, hard working, lower middle income, lives in city type housing. She is truly loving and cares about Marvin and tends to his every need, sometimes too much out of oneliness.

Officer Gary Dumars: Early 40s. A beat cop with a good sense of humor. He is lonely, and has little hope or even interest in advancement in his job. He is smart and hard working, but often sabotages his own efforts by being overly eager and under-prepared. After Marvin and Rosy report a murder he comes to investigate. He and Simone immediately start flirting and spending time together, goofing off at the job.

Garbage Man 40-50, African-American. A large bear of a man, physically intimidating. He’s cold, intelligent and distant, unmoved by pity. He has no reaction to physical pain. He wears small eyeglasses and a skull cap, and has a gravely terse voice. Turns out that he is an M.D., and an author and leading authority on the Judas Breed, he has been aware of what’s going on in the neighborhood and single handedly is trying to solve the problem.

Desmond: 19 years old. Cool and hip, well coordinated and comfortable with his body, Desmond moves a lot when he talks. He’s the local liaison to the drugs you need, hangs out with Rosy, although almost none of their time spent together is done-so sober.

J.T. Petty, who made his directorial debut in 2001 with the $6,000 Soft For Digging, wrote the screenplay and will direct the six week shoot starting September 8… in Romania.

If you feel you are rightly suitable for one of these roles, please feel free to have your agent contact either the production company or the casting directors.

The Scorecard
Director: J.T. Petty
Producers: Keith Border, Ron Schmidt
Writers: J.T. Petty
Casting Directors: Adrienne Stern, Karen Meisels
Distributor: Miramax/Dimension Home Video