The Fast And The Furious 2

Pop quiz, hotshot.

Let’s say you are a producer. You made one of the hottest films of 2001 and created a huge star out of some guy named Vin. The studio you made the film for wants a sequel, and they want it NOW!

What do you do?

What do you do?

If your name is Neal Moritz, you decide to dump that guy named Vin because he’s priced himself out of your league (no thanks to you) and focus on the skinny boring white guy. You give him a new partner and send you send him undercover again, this time in a new city.

This time around, O’Conner and his new partner Pearce (played by Tyrese) will be heading to Miami, where they will team with team up with local undercover agent Monica Clemente to bring down a formidable drug trafficker who thus far has eluded the authorities.

The latest draft of the script by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas was submitted on June 5.

The new characters will be (some major spoilers have been hidden, swipe to reveal):

Monica Clemente: Latina, mid to late 20s. A beautiful woman who could pass for any other Miami power-suit, Clemente is an undercover agent, unbelievably pretty when she lets down her guard. Working to help bust a major drug trafficker for the past twenty two months, she is understandably tense, constantly worried that her cover could be blown in an instant. Grateful for Brian’s empathy, she has brought Brian and Pearce to meet Carter Verone, who is in need of two drivers. However, she is clearly upset to discover that the men must “audition” for the job. Hired to bring down the bad guys, Clemente takes her job very seriously. Nonetheless, once this job is over she has plans to go back to Washington, happy if she never sees another grain of sand again in her life

Carter Verone: Italian or Latin, a tan, well-dressed man in his 30s, he’s the biggest drug runner in the South East. Extremely careful, never once indicted for anything illegal, he’s begun to take chances, sending the Feds the message that he’s venturing out r and now is the time to strike. Charming and rich, a man who treats women like stray dogs, Verone is an intimidating, chillingly evil creep. Sneering and derisive, he is no one to mess with.

Tej: African American, mid to late 20s, a “bad-ass”, Tej is famous for organizing street races, pumped with enthusiasm as he watches the young hopefuls race their rides along the streets of Miami. He’s particularly impressed with the driving skills of longtime friend, Brian, whom he refers to as Bullitt. No longer a driver himself, he tells Pearce that ever since he hit a wall at a bucktwenty, he decided he’s just fine organizing and collecting. However, when push comes to shove and his buddies need his help, Tej opts to get back in the saddle again.

Agent Markham: 30s-40s. Caucasian or Latin. A dark-suited, smarmy Federal agent, something of a hot-head, he is working ops in the effort to bring down Verone. Clearly not pleased to have Brian and Pearce working undercover (rather than his own people), he warns O’Conner and Pearce that he’s watching them like a hawk. We later learn Markham is dirty, on the take and in cahoots with the local cops.

Agent Dunn: 30s-40s. Caucasian or Latin. This Federal agent is first seen grilling Brian whors been brought on board to help bring down a drug trafficker. Efficient and professional, he explains the operation to Brian and Pearce. Later, he’s incensed when Pearce (in effort to keep his cover) shoots Markham in the leg.

Flip and Samuel: African Americans, 20s to 30s, they are Pearce’s cousins. Enthusiastic, they’re obviously real tight with Pearce, and treat Brian to a family tradition, splitting into pairs for a rousing afternoon of handball. They are also car-savvy, and soup up the guys’ cars for the upcoming mission.

Enzo and Roberto: 20-30s. Caucasian or Latin. They are Verone’s goons, a pair of thuggish evil-doers

Officer Whitworth: 30s. Caucasian. This police officer, seen being held in a downtown warehouse; he is shirtless, his legs, arms and neck tied down. He is being tortured by Verone’s goons until he tells Verone who is responsible for hitting some recent shipments.

Orange Julius: 30s. An Hispanic Don Juan, he is a street racer, not too pleased to discover he’ll be racing against Brian.

Osaka Sal: 20s, the leader of a trio of Asian street punks. They’ve been hired by Tej to take control of the bridge controls.

Asian Punk One and Two 20s, they are a couple of Asian punks working with Osaka Sal. They’re pumped as they break into the control room where they take over manning a bridge.

Suki; Mid to late 20s. Another street racer

Filming is scheduled to begin under the direction of John Singleton in Miami on September 9. If you would like to be a part of the filming of this movie, contact the production company or your local film commission.

The Scorecard
Director: John Singleton
Producer: Neal Moritz
Writers: Michael Brandt and Derek Haas
Casting Director: Kimberly Hardin