Bon Voyage

While film fans worldwide await for Besson to decide what he’s going to create next, he is hard at work as a producer on Bon Voyage, which should be France’s big film for 2003.

Jean-Paul Rappeneau, whose career spans from cowriting Louis Malle’s 1961 film A Very Private Affair to directing the 1990 version of Cyrano De Bergerac, will direct this romantic drama set in a luxury hotel in Bordeaux in 1940, where the French government fled from Paris for a brief time at the start of World War II before establishing the Vichy regime, which causes unexpected meetings between those who have been exiled and taken refuge there.

The all-star French cast include the ubiquitous Gerard Depardieu (whose appearance in any movie that is shot in or about France is assured in the French Bill of Rights), Gregori Derangere, Yvan Attal, Vincent Lindon, Virginie Ledoyen (in the role of a coed originally intended for Amelie‘s Audrey Tatou) and Isabelle Adjani, who takes the place of the pregnant Sophie Marceau. The sole major non-French name in the cast is Rupert Everett.

Shooting begins this Monday (June 17) in Bordeaux and Prague, with longtime Besson cinematographer Theirry Arbogast, who previously shot Rappeneau’s The Horseman On The Roof, lighting the way.


The Scorecard
Director: Jean-Paul Rappeneau
Producers: Laurent Petin, Michelle Petin, Luc Besson
Writers: Patrick Modiano, Jean-Paul Rappeneau
Unit Production Manager: Daniel Baschieri
Cinematographer: Theirry Arbogast
Costume Designer: Catherine Leterrier