Poetry and the Movies

Editor’s note: An old friend of mine had an idea several months ago of creating poetry taken from lines in the movies. After months of hard work, Logan has sent me the first batch. So, as a way to expand our cultural horizons, Filmjerk.com is proud to present the first series of film poems by Logan…

plagiarism 1


got some bad ideas
in my head
i wanted to destroy
something beautiful
i’m not crazy
i just don’t give a fuck!
some people never
go crazy
what miserable lives
they must lead
hope is a dangerous thing.
hope can drive a man insane
it’s more
comfortable for you
to label me as insane
i think my mask
of sanity is about to slip
i think someone should
just take this city
and just…
just flush it down
the fuckin’ toilet
One of these days
i’m gonna wake up
before noon

plagiarism 3

fuckin’ dante…
poetry-writing faggot
piece of shit
i tried writing
but nothing comes out
there’s nothing worse
than a writer
who has nothing
to say
fuck writing
i don’t want to be a writer
it’s stupid
it’s a stupid waste of time
i just wanna be pure
i just wanna be pure
i don’t know where
the bullshit ends
and the truth begins
i always tell the truth
even when i lie
anyone who spends
a significant amount
of time with me
finds me disagreeable

plagiarism 7

and if
there’s a heaven
and god i hope there is
i know he’s
sitting up there
drunk as
a fucking monkey
and smoking shit
because he left
his pains
down here
i used to think
if i died
in an evil place
then my soul
wouldn’t make it
to heaven
well, fuck
i don’t care
where it goes
as long it
ain’t here

plagiarism 8

when i speak
nobody believes me
but when i write
it down
everybody knows
it to be true
your reality is lies
and balderdash
and i’m delighted
to say that
i have no grasp of it
if i had
a world of my own
everything would be
nothing would be
what it is
because everything would be
what it isn’t
and contrary-wise;
what it is
it wouldn’t be
and what it wouldn’t be
it would
you seer
a little nonsense
now and then
is relished by
the wisest men

plagiarism 9

it’s in
your nature
to destroy
you can’t make
an omelet
without cracking
a few eggs
and humanity is just
a cracked egg
and the omelet
you are not
you are not
a beautiful
or unique
you are
the same
organic matter
as everything else
this is your life
and it’s ending
one minute
at a time
all those moments
will be lost
in time
like tears
in rain

all poems by Logan ’02