The Day After Tomorrow

After a decade of being stuck with super-nerd producer Dean Devlin (and anyone who has seen Real Genius knows exactly what I am talking about), Roland Emmerich is ready to take his game to the next level with kick ass producer Mark Gordon on The Day After Tomorrow. Emmerich has teamed with Jeffrey Nachmanoff to script this Deep Impact meets Quintet ripoff, the latest draft being completed on May 1.

The storyline: A climatological disruption of inconceivable proportions ravages the world, sending millions of terrified survivors surging South. Surging in the other direction, however, is Professor Adrian Hall, a brilliant paleoclimatologist whose own son Sam may still be alive in New York City, now a frozen wasteland.

The call has gone out for the following roles:

Professor Adrian Hall: 45 years old and a weathered, compelling individual. A brilliant and world-renowned scientist specializing in the field of paleoclimatology, a weather detective investigating the climatological changes of past millennia. Adrian is a study in contradictions, an elegant and well-bred autocrat whose accent and attitude are pure Texas roughneck.

Sam Hall: Adrian’s only son. A sullen, smart, cocky and insecure 17 year old who has been frittering away his high school years, smoking pot and refusing to take things very seriously. Even though his grades do not reflect the fact, Sam is an intrinsically bright kid who joined the school’s champion academic decathlon team – more so as a pretext to be near his teammate Laura, his secret idol, than because of any real interest in scholarship

Laura: Also 17, a pretty, serious and absolutely confident that she knows what she wants out of life: namely, an education at Harvard and a flourishing career at the top of whatever field she chooses. A top student in her high school class and a star performer on the academic decathlon team, her future seems assured – but as Laura soon learns, the best laid plans are subject to the whims of fate

Gary: A young, pin-striped Wall Street wheeler dealer. He is The Master of the Universe, flagrantly breaking the rules on insider trading and on the verge of being fired. Despite the expensive suits and $300,000 a year salary, Gary is a cunning and rapacious jungle creature intent on his own immediate gratification and survival

Professor Terry Rapson: This frumpy English scientist attends the U.S. Conference on Global Warming in Geneva, where he introduces himself to Adrian, complimenting him on his spirited testimony. A specialist in deep thermal currents who works out of the Hadley Institute in England, Rapson is interested in discussing Adrian’s work on abrupt climate shifts

Lucy: Adrian’s ex-wife. A busy doctor at Georgetown hospital. A pediatric specialist, Lucy has charge of their young son Sam when her husband is away on his frequent Antarctica research expeditions. Both highly successful and driven workaholics, Lucy and Adrian are both deeply concerned about their son’s welfare, but they are really too busy to communicate effectively with one another about Sam’s problems and needs

J.D.: The captain of the rival decathlon team. Slick, good-looking and rich, an effortlessly charming youth who sweeps Laura off her feet during the event’s finals in New York City. Privileged and spoiled, J.D. is convinced of his own intellectual and social supremacy, and he views Sam, his rival for Laura’s affections, with barely concealed contempt

Brian: Sam’s academic decathlon teammate. 16 years old and desperate for approval. A classic egghead with an endearingly geeky quality and a dry sense of humor, he accompanies Laura and Sam on their big trip to New York to compete in the nationals

Tom Gomez: Adrian’s boss at NOAA. A long-suffering bureaucrat who admires Adrian’s work, but wishes that Adrian wouldn’t alienate the government wonks responsible for their funding

Shooting is scheduled to begin in November. If you are interested in trying out for any of these roles, have your agent contact submit your credentials.

The scorecard
Director: Roland Emmerich
Producers: Roland Emmerich, Mark Gordon
Writers: Roland Emmerich, Jeffrey Nachmanoff
Executive Producer: Ute Emmerich
Casting Agent: April Webster
Distributor: 20th Century Fox