Fresh off his disappointing loss at this year’s Tony Awards, John Leguizamo is gearing up to make his directorial debut this August on Infamous. John himself will star as Lex Vargas, and the story will focus on Lex’s ascent to the Middleweight title and his struggles to come to terms with his friends from the old neighborhood in Queens.

From a screenplay by Frank Pugliese, John is looking towards his old stomping ground to find actors for the following characters:

Loco: Latino male, mid to late 20s to early 30s. Attractive neighborhood boxer from Queens and good friend of Lex. A live wire who can be tough as well clever and subtle. He has tremendous heart and strong roots to the neighborhood. (Editor’s note: Must every movie with several Latino characters have a Latino character named Locor I don’t know about you, but I know I do not know any Puerto Ricans named Loco.)

Lizette: Latina female, early to mid 20’s. Beautiful, sexy and vulnerable (Editor’s note: Shocking, I know.), with a street toughness (Editor’s note: For a Puerto Rican girl from Queensr Say it isn’t so!) and crossover dreams as a singer: she has worked hard to get where she is, and always wants more. Singing ability a plus

Mack: African American male, early to mid 30’s. The neighborhoodrs biggest star to date: hers a local club and music promoter who is always on the move. Ambitious, showy, driven

Seth Green: Caucasian Male (Editor’s note: No kidding!), mid 40rs to 70rs (Oh.). One of the oldest and classiest promoters in boxing. Formidable, powerful. The production is looking for a name actor for this role.

Ralphie Latino male, mid 40’s to 50’s. A former boxer turned coach: well respected, old school, paternal, salt of the earth type. Funny and tough; if he isn’t coaching boxing hers probably on the corner playing dominoes

Franky: Latino male, mid 20’s to early 30’s. Wiry, good natured and sly. He becomes a neighborhood trouble maker with his tendency to always go too far

Chewey: Latino male, mid 20’s to early 30’s. He also rarely turns down an opportunity to eat whatever is in sight, unintentionally funny. Earthy, with a strong attachment to the community and a big heart: he is old school

Mommy: Latino male, mid 20’s to early 30’s. A mama’s boy who is often left out of the joke or is the joke. Falls into drugs as a way of coping.

Paulie: Latino male, mid to late 30’s. Lex’s brother. Runs the family bodega in Queens. Has a big heart but has been battered down by life. Loves his brother and his family. Drinks a bit too much. Has a few too many regrets. (Editor’s note: Must every boxing movie have a character named Paulier I don’t know about you, but I know I do not know any Puerto Ricans named Paulie.)

Resto: Latino male, mid 30’s to 40’s. A big middleweight neighborhood boxer, a bully past his prime, which was mediocre at best. Dissolute. Has a chip on his shoulder.

Milton Jones: An African-American male, mid 20’s to 30’s. Middleweight boxer, has brutal ring sequence. Must be able to box.

JOSE: Latino male mid 20’s to late 20’s. The next middleweight champion. The production is seeking a name middleweight boxer for this featured cameo role.

Shooting in Queens and around New York City is scheduled from August 5 to September 9. This is a SAG feature, so if you feel you are perfectly suited for a role, please have your agent contact the casting agent or production company.

The scorecard
Director: John Leguizamo
Producers: Robin O’Hara, Scott Macaulay, Enrique Chediak
Writer: Frank Pugliese
Executive Producers: John Leguizamo, Kathy DeMarco, Robert Kessel, John Hart, Jeff Sharp
Casting Agent: Bernard Telsey Casting