No Stopping "Bad Boys 2"

I wasn’t much of a fan of the first one. Perhaps it was because Sony didn’t have much faith in first time feature director Michael Bay or the two young actors who replaced Jon Lovitz and Dana Carvey. The struggles of the first film have already been covered much better by much more talented writers than myself, so I can only hope that Sony will just throw heeps o’ money at Bruckheimer and Bay and let them do their thing. Because, just sometimes, we need brainless crap like Bad Boys 2 to help us get between episodes of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

The Starring Roles:

SYDNEY “SYD” BURNETT: 28 yrs. old, African American. She’s sassy, smart, gorgeous – and Marcus’ half sister. Mike turns on the charm and bullshit to try to seduce her, causing friction in the partnership with Marcus. She lives in NYC and claims to have a desk job at DEA. We later find out nothing could be further from the truth, she is an under cover agent pretending to launder dirty money. We also find out, she’s good with a gun (Casting agents note this is “a great role for a star or an unknown”.)

JOHNNY TAPIA: Late 30s to Early 40s with a darkly handsome face. Cuban/American. A deadly killer, ingenuous drug dealer. He is definitely not an “old school” dealer. His shipment of ecstasy pills is the largest to come out of Amsterdam. He has a lot of fire power and hates the law. He is nicknamed “The General” (Another “great role for a star or an unknown”, according to the casting agents.)

The Supporting Roles

It is noted that while the following five characters coming back from the original Bad Boys, they may be the original actor or recast. This, to me, reads “If your name is Julio Oscar Mechoso, Nestor Serrano, Theresa Randle or John Salley and you want a part in this film that will definitely help your career, accept your normal rate or find someone else playing your role. And if your name is Joe Pantoliano, please don’t screw us too much because there’s only so much left to actually make the movie after Will and Martin and Jerry and Michael gets theirs.”

DETECTIVE RUIZ: 30s- 40s. Hispanic, one of the Bad Boys, part of the Tactical Narcotics Team with Mike and Marcus. Ruiz and Sanchez are as close a team as Marcus and Mike, and like any couple that has been together for a long time they will wear the same tropical shirts to dress alike

DETECTIVE SANCHEZ: 30’s- 40’s. Hispanic, one of the Bad Boys, part of the Tacitical Narcotics Team with Mike and Marcus

THERESA: Mid 30’s Marcus’ wife. African American. Pretty, smart and strong willed. A mother hen to her family and friends. She is the care taker and a force to be reckoned with if anyone, including her husband threatens her home

CAPTAIN HOWARD: 40s – 50s. Caucasian. He is trying a new tactic of reasoning, not ranting and raving (as he did in the original Bad Boys. He is into group therapy with his men, his politeness usually doesn’t last long

JOHN SALLEY: Late 20’s early 30’s , African American.(he is very tall) reformed computer hacker turned Miami police department Computer Whiz

Other Supporting Roles:

KU KLUX KLAN GUY: Late 20’s – early 30’s; not the brightest bulb; kind of inbred. Very impressionable. The Bad Boys do a number on him, from posting a web site advertising that hers a snitch to dragging him around in the trunk of their car throughout the film

ALEXEI: 40’s Russian owner of Red Square Nightclub. He uses his club to push his drugs and launder money. He hired Syd to aid in the laundering, she was referred by his boys in New York

JOSEF: 40’s Russian owner of Red Square Nightclub. Partner of Alexei

CARLOS: 35 years. Cuban, ruthless, the right hand of the “General ” (Johnny Tapia)

BLOND DREAD Mid 20’s-40. Haitian with blonde dreads, bad guy, a Zoepounder gangster. He’s armed and dangerous

HECTOR Mid 20’s-40. Hispanic. 4’11”.He is the partner of John Salley

ROBERTO: Mid 20s-40. Hispanic. He meets and greets the pest control guys at Tapia’s house. But pest control guys are Marcus and Mike. Roberto is killed like a bug by Tapia

DONA MARIA: 65 yrs. old. Hispanic. Tapia’s mother, believes what ever Tapia tells her

ICEPICK: Mid 20’s-40. Haitian. He’s a flashy pimp in little Haiti like a Tijuana barker in a doorway. He’s into pimpin’, panderin’, pushin’ and wearing bad suits. Under a bribe, he’s an informant to Mike and Marcus

JOHNNY TAPIA’S DAUGHTER: 16 yrs. Hispanic. She is into being a debutante in Miami. Spoiled and beatiful. Daddy’s girl

MEGAN (MARCUS/MARTIN LAWRENCE’S DAUGHTER): 14 years. African American, she’s a budding teenager and about to go out on her first date

Shooting begins on the Simpson/Bruckheimer production (yes, you read that correctly, Don’s getting a credit despite passing away in 1995) in July in Miami.