The King of Queens becomes a Bronx bomber

Kevin James as the Babe? That’s what Harvey Weinstein is hoping will put butts in the seat next year, as Miramax’s new family film label puts Slugger into production next month in Toronto. Slugger will focus on a troubled kid named Chris Shaughnessy finds his interest in baseball renewed when he begins to be visited by the ghost of Babe Ruth.

Along his travels, Chris must deal with Mister Perkins, the scariest teacher at Chris’ school, the lord of the cafeteria. Has beady eyes and a withering stare. May not be impressive in real life but to the kids he’s Darth Vader. However, he nurses a big crush on Chris’s mom Linda (who just happens to be the school nurse) and has been waiting for her to see through her grief period so that he can ask her out. (Producers are looking to capture the feel of the “early” John Hughes films like Ferris Bueller with this “funny” character, oblivious to the fact that the “early” John Hughes movies were absolute crap like National Lampoon’s Class Reunion and Mister Mom.)

Also in the mix will be Joe, Linda’s father-in-law and Chrisr grandfather. A robust, Irish-American, Joe tries to help Chris keep his interest in little-league baseball now that Chrisr baseball-player father has died. A former bat boy, Joe gives Chris the bat he got from Babe Ruth that puts the magical circumstances into play.

No director has been signed as of this writing.