MGM Wants Some "Kandee"

Desperate for another Legally Blonde, MGM is bringing their popstar comedy I Want Kandee back out of the mothballs and putting it on the fast track for next summer by aiming for a mid-July shoot.

Kandee is the quintessential teen pop star, radiating purity, innocence, naughtiness and sexuality all at once. She is composed, confident, smoking hot (and she knows it), charismatic, funny, sexy, energetic and fearless. While extremely talented and incredibly famous, she also realizes shers miserable. She wants to experience being a real teenager. So she forsakes her glamorous life and runs away to live with her former best friend in Portland, where, with some hair dye and some “normal” teenage clothes and a “typical” teenager backpack, Kandee becomes Betty, “a normal teenager.”

This is where Kandee… I mean Betty… meets Andrew Murphy, aka Murph, described as a self-described social enigma who puts the off into offbeat, and the spirit into free spirit. He is very cute in a non obvious way. He is charming, guileless, smart, funny and mischievous. Murph loves Chaucer, physics, lunch ladies and librarians, and as a secret bonus, he is also quarterback of the football team. He and Kandee have a natural attraction to each other which takes both of them a while to figure out.

Kandee was originally meant to be the film debut of 2000 Rose Parade queen Sophia Bush, but she moved onto the greener pastures of Van Wilder, so producers are once again looking for a new star. The lucky young lady who is chosen to play Kandee doesn’t necessarily need to be able to sing, but she must dance well. Yes, the irony is duly noted.

The script just finished a new rewrite four weeks ago under the pen of Three Kings “advisor” Kate Kondell, and will the feature debut of George Lucas In Love director Joe Nussbaum.