New CSI Show Coming To CBS

Jerry Bruckheimer has just set up the new CSI spinoff, “CSI: Miami-Dade” with CBS. The pilot is scheduled to begin shooting April 4, even though the script has yet to be written. The lead characters are:

Horatio Sands: Lead criminalist, 30’s to early 40’s. Smoldering good looks with an instinctive pulse on the core of Miami. He’s got a dangerous edge, a photographic memory and a blind allegiance to justice

Tim Speedle: Late 20’s to early 30’s, ex-Florida State QB turned competitive CSI. Jumpy on the job, hates downtime, loves catching criminals. His smile belies the fact that, because of a career-ending injury, he’ll never be Dan Marino. He puts all that displaced energy into the job

Eric Delko: Late 20’s to early 30’s, quirky and lovably off-beat, Delko began his career as a tow truck driver, pulling stolen cars out of the Miami canals. He now specializes in Underwater Recovery for CSI

Alexx Kraft: 30’s, the plain but pretty coroner. Raised in the Everglades, Alexx is what the CSIs call a “knowologist.” Quick with an opinion about murder, she’s got the education, experience and moxie to back it up — which often challenges the CSIs.