Terminator 3 news

Ahnuld Is Bach!

Mister X drops word that Mario Kassar’s Intermedia Productions will be announcing any day now that Schwarzenegger is signed for Terminator 3, and shooting on the $175M film will begin under the direction of Johnathon Mostow in May.

So what’s this one going to be about? The script, which is currently being punched up by Mike Ferris from a story Ferris and Andy Vajna (Kassar’s partner at Carolco when they produced T2), is under lock and key in Kassar’s office.

There are 2 copies of the current script. Both are in a safe at Intermedia. Even the studios wanting a look at it have to send 1 rep and THEN the script is held by Intermedia security while it is read, so no copies can be made of it.

That is hardcore. Mister X has not seen the script personally, but tells us the person he has spoken with who has says there are two bad Terminators in this one, and one of them is indeed female. Now, if you remember back in June, there was talk that the female Terminator concept was potentially being thrown out the window. Mister X says the reason why… that machine is a copy of Sarah Connor, and since Intermedia can’t get Linda Hamilton signed to do it, they’re going to get a couple bad ass mofo’s to go WWF on the T-800’s ass.

While the film does not have distribution set yet, Intermedia has already let potential companies know the film will be released on the Fourth of July 2003.