Reader Mail

Brent from Colorado writes in:

“I don’t know if you noticed this (it was pretty subtle) – Harry and the boys have had a field day with Spielberg’s decision to make a few minor (but decidedly PC) changes to E.T. At the same time, Harry posted a review of the Star Trek: The Motion Picture DVD, which he praised highly and at great length due to the overall improvement to the movie that came from significant editing, tightening, and additional Special Effects. Kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Actually, no it doesn’t – clearly, it’s not okay to mess with ‘good’ movies, but it’s great to mess with ‘bad’ movies.”

Actually, Brent, I hadn’t noticed. But I think you can do better things with your time than count out the many wild inconsistencies in logic there. For the record, Star Trek: TMP did, does and will always blow chunks no matter how much tinkering they do with it, while E.T. is the second worst film in the Spielberg library after Amistad. As for Harry and the boys, if they want to be lumping Spiels on the head over some minor alterations to an already crummy movie, that’s their right. While they were watching and jawing about how bad the new footage looked, I was probably getting laid. Why do you think I update this site so infrequently?