Lucasfilm’s Titanic Marketing Plan For Clones

I love Mister X. No matter what I need, he finds a way to get it.

This time, Mister X brings news from DEEP inside The Ranch about the marketing of Attack of the Clones and the future of the series after Episode Three…

Warning! Potential Spoilers Contained Within!

They are going to market Clones on 3 levels as it draws closer to release:

Level 1 is all out action to bring in the phreaks.

Level 2 is Romance – specifically tailored to resemble the Titanic story of doomed love – in fact Titanic was mentioned as the model during the planning sessions. You saw with the third trailer that Lucas is trying to attract the women. “Come darling. Let’s go see the new Star Wars film. It’s a LOVE STORY”

Level 3 will feature a greatest hits package – several characters from the original trilogy. As May 16th draws closer, there will be new images of Jabba, Boba and Jango Fett, and Greedo… if Greedo doesn’t land on the cutting room floor again. There’s also supposed to be a little snippet of a teenage Lando, but that may end up edited out or used in E3.

They do have one trailer with a brief action shot of Jar Jar in danger, and there are debates whether they should release it until a couple of weeks before the movie opens, for fear of another backlash against the character. Something they very much fear, and for good reason.

Then Mister X got into the post E3 Star Wars universe…

Never fear, young Jedi… there WILL be more Star Wars movies after E3. Lucas will license them out instead of having the hands on involvement he has now. There are already negotiations taking place for the Jedi Academy book series to be developed into a trilogy of films. Lucas says he’s getting too old for this shit and is stopping with E3, but is willing to hand it over to a Richard Donner or a Steven Spielberg or someone of a similar stature who might want to have a whack at them. (Editor’s Note: I shudder to think what would happen if DePalma got involved in a Star Wars movie… A 30 minute opening sequence using nothing but a Steadycam attached to C3P0’S hip.) Yes, Lucas has stated many times he would leave the “future” post-Jedi to the novelizations, but too many people are waving money at him. Not that he needs any more money…