Where Have All The Good Films Gone?

Over the weekend, Lolita and I caught Monsters Inc. I wanted to see The Toxic Avenger 4, which was playing downtown, but furry animals and Billy Crystal won out. Not that I didn’t like it. It was as enjoyable a time at the movies as I have ever had when dealing with not only stupid parents bringing three month olds to the movies as if this crap happy brats are even going to know what they are seeing let alone comprehend the complexities of the situations they are seeing… but ALSO the fucking Star Wars fanboys who were out in droves to catch the unveiling of the first preview for Attack of the Clones.

But as I sat there, watching the magic once again weaved by the Pixarians, it got me to wondering… here we are in the last two months of 2001 and we’re still waiting for the studios to give us something… ANYTHING… to knock us out. Amelie is a worldwide sensation, but it’s not American. AI was an arguable masterpiece. Moulin Rouge is a masterpiece, but even I get headaches trying to watch it. The Coens and David Lynch might have gotten a little too quirky even for themselves. So where are the films that will make film fans salivater

Looking over the final weeks of the year, I find myself more worried than excited. Will Heist not waste its talented cast the way The Score didr Will Wes Anderson’s moving to New York full time take the charm away from The Royal Tenebaumsr Will Vanilla Sky be worth seeing for any other reason than wondering what went on with Cruise and Cruz behind the scenesr Will Ocean’s Eleven be half as entertaining at two hours as it is in two minutes of previewsr Will The Majestic be as good as everyone hopesr Can Will Smith really become a better Alir Will Gangs of New York be “the one” to remove this jinx off Scorseser

I’m going to be fucking pissed if they all suck.