The Matrix Recasted

Savant’s in town, and I got a very brief scoop for you. That infamous dude Pikul had a late-night chat with me again to brief me on some current happenings on the set of the Matrix sequel(s). Rather than posting his actual ramblings, I’m just gonna cut through the bull and deliver his commandments to you, the little people. Key points include:

* The recent death of singer/actress Aaliyah will not slow the production down terribly, as her primary scenes have not been shot yet. The part will be recast (duh) and candidates being discussed include Stacey Dash (TV’s ‘Clueless’, who is much, much, much older than she looks) and Brandy Norwood (TV’s ‘Moesha’, and a hip-hop star like Aaliyah). Unknowns will also be considered for the part.

* Contrary to statements made by the producers, the studio, and the media, the scoops regarding shooting on “The Matrix Reloaded” have been mostly accurate, and footage is being shot. While the more principle part of principal photography has not yet commenced in full, extensive camera tests, F/X work, and background/atmosphere/extras scenes have been shooting for a while now.

* He does not know if they are shooting just Part II or both II and III at the same time.

That’s it. Hope this fills your sac for the moment. And like I need to remind you all, take this stuff with a grain of salt. Part of me is praying this guy is a hoaxer, because Brandy… ooooh she’s nasty. Dog nasty.