A FilmJerk Exclusive: The Annotated Enterprise Pilot Script

Oh boy have we got a treat for you, today.

We have, down below, a link to the Enterprise pilot script. But it’s not as simple as that… if you’re crafty, you can find it online elsewhere. This particular version of it… has had some, er, minor comments attached to it. It appears that the author of said comments, a gentleman who calls himself The Facer, hated hated hated hated HATED this script. So he went MST3K on its ass, and it’s now an instant classic. This is why you really can’t pay script doctors too much.


Before we cough up the link, there’s some shit you should know. We do not actually have this script; it’s being linked off a variety of mirror sites. These mirror sites are being pulled at random, and likely to change daily — if you can’t figure out at least one of the 50 reasons for this, get the hell off our site.

To view the script, you need Adobe’s Acrobat Reader. The download is free from Adobe’s website and if you don’t have it already, you should. After the download is complete, just click on the damn link. If the download is slow or you get a broken link, come back to this page, refresh, and try again.

Would you like to view the Annotated “Enterprise” script? [edited in 2017 – script no longer available].

Oh yeah, and any webmasters who would like to share this with their readers… please link to this page. Not the link itself, not the script or one of the mirrors, which again, will change constantly, but this page. Thanks.