Vin Diesel Will Be My Bitch

After spending way too much time browsing through leather sex toys and fetish sites, I’ve decided on the newest addition to my collection. It’s a strapless black leather corset with studs that will just look so cute with my thigh high boots, studded collar, fishnet stockings, and leather whip. The getup is always a real crowd pleaser with my fuck toys (men), and I think they’ll like this new corset as well. Sometimes, after I’ve fucked and beat them until they pass out, I stay dressed up and whip my ass until it turns red, while watching “Pitch Black.”

Speaking of “Pitch Black,” Vin Diesel is just the dreamiest man ever. Every time I see him, I get so wet, watching his muscles flex in those sleeveless t-shirts he always wears. And his voice drives me over the fucking edge. I have to keep my pink glitter dildo next to me when I watch anything with him in it. Even “The Iron Giant.” They didn’t show it in the film because it’s a kids movie, but I’m positive he had a large iron dick.

His performance in “The Fast and the Furious” was fabulous. A fucktoy of mine once remarked that he had the same charisma and on screen presence as James Dean, and thought the title of this movie was very appropriate. It was going to be the title of Dean’s film “Rebel Without a Cause.”

I just want to strap him to my bed, pour chocolate syrup all over his hot, tight body, and lick it off as he screams in pleasure. After having him lick my boots clean, I’ll fuck his brains out while he forgets all about that Rodriguez whore.

When I got news of His Yummyness being the new cyborg in “Terminator 3,” I was ecstatic/orgasmic. Finally, Vin will become the gorgeous action star he was born to be. He’s just got the action star look. The body. The eyes. The charisma. There really aren’t any actions stars these days. Willis, Schwarzenegger, Ford, and Stallone — are all just a bit too old for today’s moviegoers.

And he’s got the name. Vin Diesel. It’s an action star name, and I’m glad he chose that instead of sticking with Mark Vincent. You wouldn’t want to meet someone named Vin Diesel in a dark alley… unless of course you’re a crazed bitch like I am.

I’m hoping Vin plays another badass in “T3.” I’ve developed this preference for jerks and badasses over the years. Nice guys are too wimpy; they are fucking pussies! An asshole knows what he wants and takes it. They’re not afraid of whips and chains and leather and fisting. They wouldn’t faint if I pulled out my strap on and proceeded to fuck them in the ass. I’ve seen “Titanic” 15 times and I swear I want to pull that exact routine on Leonardo DiCaprio too. Dunno if I’m his type though…

You know what I would do if I ever ran across Mr. Diesel on the streets of New York Cityr If he was with his Rodriguez bitch, I’d fucking punch her out, then jump into those perfectly sculpted arms of his. After kissing him like he’s never been kissed before, I’ll bring him home, where his eyes will light up at all my wonderful toys. This lucky man will have more pleasure with a girl half his age than he’s ever had in his life. That’s who I am. I’m Long Island Lolita. So all you pathetic women out there better lock up your husbands and throw away the keys, because once I tie them up, they fucking belong to me. They are my bitches.