Savant’s Tidbits

Hey everybody. Don’t have much in the way of news this morning, but I’ll run by a few quick things that are happening with your beloved

First, guess who’s in rehab this time? Ben Affleck, man. Ben’s an alkie. Good for him. I’d be an alkie too after two years in a West Hollywood apartment with Matt Damon. Best of luck to you, brutha.

Second, if there’s a lack of updates, it’s because we are NOT GETTING SCOOPS. (This is your hint to directly interact with us and help us get them!) I give you my word as your Lord and Master that we are busting some serious ass and dough to bring you a more ‘professional’ site (yes, I know how grating the current one can be) and thus, there will be a slight shortage of rants and interviews for a while. We ARE getting some good reviews, we ARE starting to get invited to those evil press junket thingies, and we ARE going to kick some serious ass once the machine is greased and running. Please be patient with us, right now we’re looking at early to mid September before things get steamrolling and become unstoppable. We ARE going to provide you with the last and best film-rumor-and-news source you’ll ever need. We ARE going to completely and totally attack Hollywood talking heads that are deserving of such. And we ARE going to rock your world.

Third, will begin broadcasting an Internet radio show as an experiment, probably once a week or more. When your two luvable lugs, The FilmJerk and myself, are not on, you will be treated to endless clips of Monty Python and Tool. Schedules will be announced shortly.

In the meantime, please check back every day for updates on what’s going on. This is for real people, and unspeakable thanks go out to the loyal core of you folks that have supported this insane endeavor since its creation. If you’ve ever believed anything I’ve said, and you shouldn’t, we won’t let you down. As I see it, it’s better to be a bit slow right now and get a site up quicker than to stretch it out over 2-4 months.

One last thing, will be adding new staff members shortly, including a new Associate Editor. I’m sure you will love and hate this fuckhead even more than we do. More people means more shit for you to read and waste your life on. Wasting life good. Napster bad.

So if I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it again… send in your emails, let us know how we’re doing, show us some love or give us some venom. Just stay the fuck tuned.