A Correction From LucasFilm

A discomfited George Lucas issued a press statement late Monday evening, shortly after he learned of the faux pas posting of the title of the new Star Wars movie on his website:

“There undeniably was a mistake on our web site today. For several months, our new Internet Division, Packets and Sockets, has been building a number of high quality web sites for a great many companies. After a quick exploration, it was revealed that one of the Packets and Sockets inter-office email servers fortuitously amalgamated two memos regarding site updates together and sent them as one.

Attack of the Clones is not the title of Episode Two. I am still contemplating a number of prospective titles, which should be announced around the time the first previews appear in theatres in November, attached to prints of Warner Brothers’ Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone.

Attack of the Clones is a new sci-fi project from Roger Corman featuring global superstar David Hasselhoff and Charisma Carpenter. Several Lucasfilm divisions are lending a hand to Mr. Corman, who has been a friend and mentor for a number of years, as my own personal thank you to all the joy and fun he has brought to the world of cinema for five decades.

I would like to thank all of the Star Wars fans worldwide who have sent in almost seventeen million emails in the first six hours of the title announcement. We appreciate your concerns for the series and look forward to bringing you more exciting news about the film in the future. Thank you.”