What Is The Matwix?

Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matwix is…

until now.

How secretive is this project, if it indeed exists? Most of the execs at Warner Brothers don’t even know it exists. According to “Bosco”, it seems a few of the cats in the moribund animation department, worried about job stability, have taken it upon themselves to whip up an eight minute “family friendly” cartoon version of the first movie, in hopes they’ll grab the big brass ring and get it in front of The Matrix Reloaded.

So who’s playing what?

Bugs is, of course, Neo

Foghorn Leghorn is Morpheus. (Take the red pill, son!)

Lola Bunny is Trinity

Daffy is Cypher

Elmer Fudd is Agent Smith (Hewwo, Mister Bunnywabbit.)

Marvin the Martian and Monster as the other two agents

Speedy Gonzales is, naturally, Mouse

Yosemite Sam as Tank

Porky as Epoch

Pepe LePeu as Switch

Taz as The Oracle

Bosco also notes that many of the Warner Brothers animated favorites (Sylvester and Tweety, Wile E. Coyote, the Road Runner, the Goofy Gophers, Egghead, Sniffles, Bookworm, Hippety Hopper, Daisy, Henery Hawk, Ralph the Wolf and Sam the Sheepdog, Spike and Chester, Rocky and Mugsy, Claud Cat and Marc Antony, Witch Hazel, Granny) will be incorporated within crowd scenes.

Will the animators plans succeedr If what Bosco says is true, they have one of the film’s producers on their side. With a powerhouse on their side and Osmosis Jones hopefully breaking the Warners animated feature curse, the future could be rosy indeed.