KubrickGate Part Two: I Want To Know Who Knew What…

FilmJerk.com has received official comments from Ain’t-It-Cool-News, as well as other sources, regarding the controversial trashing of “AI” by Vivian Kubrick. Is it a hoax? You gotta read to find out.

Savant here. Okay, okay, okay, I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t had time to followup on this one… and boy, we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries, good and bad, on this puppy. Here’s the deal… in the wake of the aftermath, I have received several direct quotes from some of the other rumor-site admins and editors regarding the first KubrickGate article.

A lot of you want to know why we posted it. Why not? Read the first article again… it is a shot in the dark. All I did was reprint the article and ask the giant black void of mass consciousness: “What the fuck is this?” I know that a lot of different people have been very curious about it. Is it truer Is it falser Where did it come from?

Well, read some of these comments, maybe they’ll shed some light on it.

From Drew McWeeny aka ‘Moriarty’, Ain’t-It-Cool-News, West Coast Editor:

“It was taken down quickly because neither Harry nor myself had a chance to fact-check the piece, an obvious hoax. The article was proven to be a hoax in a matter of minutes, and Father Geek pulled it down. It’s that simple. It’s plagiarized. (sic) from a very well-written article that is someone else’s copywritten (sic) material. The hoaxer has tried to keep the gag alive, but it’s nonsense. We’ve communicated with the Kubrick family before, and they would not have handled any grievance in this manner.”

From Harry Knowles, Ain’t-It-Cool-News, Head Geek/Editor-In-Chief:

“Father Geek received the letter, remembered that Christiane Kubrick had once written me nearly a year ago about an art auction of her mother’s paintings. The ‘piece’ was intelligently written, and he posted it with a warning at the top that the piece was not confirmed. Within 15 minutes, he got confirmation that it was a fraud and plagarized (sic) from an existing review, I believe this was belonging to the LA NEW TIMES (though I could be mistaken). The only difference between the two pieces was that everytime KUBRICK was mention, the phrase My Father, or some other personal reference was made. Father Geek, not wishing to give the family any grief and noticing this to be an obvious fraud, immediately removed the story from the site (as is policy). Given it was only up for 15 minutes, he didn’t feel an explanation was needed. However, the culprit behind the letter decided to spread his ‘stolen’ work to various newsgroups and message boards. There is nothing sinister behind this, just a standard story of gossip deception that was removed.”

From Garth Franklin, Dark Horizons, Producer/Editor-In-Chief:

“Savant, quick note, got sent the same supposed Kubrick daughter review back on July 2nd, but while the content of the letter is the same, the signature name on the e-mail was certainly not
Vivian Kubrick. Would’ve been good scoop if real but if its not its way too risky to publish so I just trashed it.”

Okay folks… so what we have here is a total red herring. AICN fucked up, plain and simple, and as I said previously… that’s part of the game. All of this is basically just a random scoop that outstayed its fifteen minutes of fame, caused undue speculation and conspiracy theory, and finally, we come to the close of this argument: it’s much ado about nothing. Was it worth putting upr I think so… after all, getting three editors to email you regarding a piece isn’t half bad. It might have been something huge — or, it might have been our way of ending a lot of gossip, once and for all. We’ll just have to take the latter.

Now, if FilmJerk.com had been a little bigger earlier in the month, maybe we would have posted it too, or put it up as our famous “Bullshit Scoop of the Week”. Lots of what if’s. Oh well. Just don’t ask us, or AICN, or anyone else, to apologize for an incident like this… sometimes we get scooped too.