The Bugs Are Back in Town

Savant here. I got an interesting scoop from an old friend and longtime reader of the site about the upcoming “Mimic 2.” My research sez that “Mimic 2:” Hardshell is going straight to video in mid-July, which is a shame, because I really liked “Mimic.” “Mimic 2” is also the feature debut Jean de Segonzac, who got his start as the DP on Laws of Gravity and helped create the stylized look of Homicide: Life On The Streets, so it should be interesting to say the least… TV seems to produce a lot of mainstay directors, such as Mimi Leder, Gregory Hoblit, and of course, the great Michael Mann. Sorry to rant folks, here’s the riff.

Oh yeah, SPOILERS ENSUE. Go away unless you don’t care.

Hey DS, just wanted to write in something, dunno if you can use it. I know a gentleman who has a small role in Mimic 2 and was describing several scenes to me. The film starts out with a scientist who is smuggling Mimic eggs through the city. He has to get the eggs to safety, but he’s paranoid as shit because it feels like someone is following him, possibly a rival scientist or, perhaps a pissed off Mimic Mama. He makes it onto city streets, and is stopped by a strange man, a Mimic I think, who slices his sorry ass in half. That’s about a second before a taxi slams into his body, which causes the taxi to spin out of control and explode upon something. Boom batty! Anyhow, that’s what was filmed. Said source went to the cast screening and says it’s all in there, but that was a while back, and things might have since ended up on the cutting-room floor.

At least this film understands the value of explosions. Sounds like great F/X and shit plot, which doesn’t always equate a shit movie. Giant killer cockroaches rock.