Mr. X Back For More MGM, Rollerball Bashing

Mr. X couldn’t help but laugh when he saw the MGM press release concerning the delays of John McTiernan’s latest crapfest…

“They’re spinning the snot out of it, but it basically means they’re screwed. Rob Levin, the new spin doctor over there, is claiming it’s not because the movie sucks, but because it’s so good they don’t want to rush it. Yeah right. He was also quick to point out, as I told you last week, that they have that great new Banderas flick Original Sin that they will now open even wider (because it’s soooo good) and they plan to give Steve Buscemi his big break and release Ghost World on 1800 screens instead of the originally planned gradual limited release.

“There is so much BS in the planned press release it isn’t funny. Truth be told, this could set MGM right back on its bankruptcy path. They are desperate and frantic and Levin may not last the year”.

Frankly, that doesn’t shock me at all. While I was researching some of the items in Mr. X’s last scoop, I found a little ditty called Mary Jane’s Last Dance which has been sitting on their shelf for over two years, which is being dusted off for potential release. But what do you expect from a company that’s been sliced, diced, chopped, pureed, pulverized and liquefied so many times over the past twenty years that no filmmaker in their right mind would go to them with a project until it was a case of them or nothingr

Savant adds…” MGM, get your shit together. Man, I could run your studio for a month and do better than this. Film schedules are planned years in advance, don’t tell me you didn’t see this coming. Stop panicking, let this year go, cut your losses and walk away. Better luck next time.”