BS Scoop Of The Week

I’m just going to present as I got it…

I’m here in Bangkok working on the sequel of FATF. First let me say there not wasting any time on this one. And, guess what no Vin Diesel this time. That’s right people the role of Dominic Torretto this time is being played by none other than Ralph Machio. I know what your thinking… But, have faith in all things Machio. The boy has really bulked up for the role, weighing in at around 250. Seeing is believing. I will pass on more info when the crack is all gone.

Dr. Zaius

Now, this is where the bad doctor gets himself a patented FilmJerk bitchslap…

How fucking stupid do you think we arer Just because I admit I don’t watch TV anymore that I’m not going to be keeping up with the news of the entertainment worldr No one thought F&F would do $40M opening weekend, and there is already shock being registered that the film is holding up as well as it is in its second weekend. So how the fuck can you be in Thailand working on the sequel with Ralph Macchio alreadyr Shit, how can you not even know how to spell the name of the guy you are supposedly working withr

Stop sprinkling coke on your fucking Cheerios and drop me a line when you got something real.