Game Over

Despite the 60% drop off of Tomb Raider’s second week box office grosses and the questionable public opinion of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, studios and production companies worldwide and throwing buckets of cold hard cash at gaming companies, looking for the next big summer blockbuster.

Sony is courting AM2’s Yu Suzuki to turn his critically acclaimed Asian gang war epic “Shenmue” into a FFesque CGI animated action film. Flush with mad Bridget Jones money, UK production house Working Title are looking towards their fellow Brits The Stamper Brothers to reconceptualize their upcoming raunchy gamefest “Conker’s Bad Fur Day” in hopes of creating the Fritz The Cat for the next generation. Miramax is looking forward to talking with View Askewers Scott Mosier and Kevin Smith about their executive producing the ultimate skateboarding movie with Tony Hawk and possibly Jasons Lee and Mewes.

And Disney is secretly negotiating with Matt Damon and Nicolas Cage to star as Mario and Luigi in an updated Super Mario Brothers, with Jerry Bruckheimer making his directorial debut.