In The Shadow Of The Rat

Savant here. Ed’s not the only guy with friends at Disney — I had an associate contact me in the wee hours this morning after reading the above posting. If you follow the Rat at all, you will desperately want to read what this fucker has to say. Let’s call him “Goofy” for the sake of the moment. Portions of this conversation not relating to the actual wording have been edited by me because this cocksucker can’t spell and I’m one of those word-fetish lesbians.

GF: First, let your readers know I no longer work for the company… I’ll never go back there. I mean, I’ve been following that company since I was a kid, not on the whole fantasy aspect, but more of a business aspect…

DS: Oh, so it’s not a gay thing?

GF: Nah. That side of me only comes out when we’re in chatrooms alone together.

DS: I’m logging this you fucking cunt.

GF: Just edit it out.

DS: Back on topic, man.

GF: Right. Anyhow, after Walt died, the company tanked. Eisner came in with Wells and Katz and bailed the whole operation out. Walt always went for the creative first, and business second, and that’s why it withered after his passing. Eisner came in and turned it back into a business, but without any creative juice. That’s the first mortal blow… shit, look at “Star Trek,” same deal. It’s the Republican way of thinking, it sacrifices all long term for a short term infusion.

DS: But what’s so bad about working for the Rat?

GF: I’ll get there. After Wells’ death and Katzenberg’s departure… well… you know the rest of the story. The company is in deep shit. Their attempt to turn Anaheim into a boomtown isn’t working – they refuse to give up dough on the Mighty Ducks, and that shitass new theme park is a fucking disgrace to the company name. Marketing and merchandising runs the goddamn company now, and it makes life hell.

DS: So they’re tightening the belt?

GF: Bigtime. Part of the reason the animators keep getting axed is a sick, repetitive cycle. The beast was created, now it’s out of control. Basically, when you’re hired for a Disney specialty, such as animation, they take your ass in […]

DS: And make you see the pink side of life?

GF: […] and train you, from scratch. They make you good. They whip you into being a monkey. Then, once the giant project is done with after several years, you’re sick of the slavedriving and want more pay, because you’re good now, because they made you good. But they can’t afford to pay you what you’re worth, especially for that kind of stressful treatment. So they pink-slip your ass, and start all over again, to save money. In the end, they lose money – assloads of money – because they can’t keep things consistent in any department. The turnovers are killing them. And those young kids are going out and getting work with better companies, or starting their own.

DS: Wow. So you think the creatives should run the company?

GF: Lucas and McCallum. Roddenberry and Berman. Walt and whomever. You gotta have a suit backing up the beatnik, that’s the only way. If it’s all creative, you end up with an art project. If it’s all suits, you end up with a piece of shit.

DS: So Disney’s dead unless the monkeys stage a revolt and rip the suits’ balls off?

GF: Unless they change something, yeah. Eisner’s gotta go, he’s Cal Ripken baby, he’s staying beyond his time. He saved Mickey’s ass once, but now he’s hurting it. I’m guessing DreamWorks is going to take over the prime animation slots after Pixar’s contract runs out, maybe even before. I hope that company can pull its shit together, I’m rooting for ’em, but right now, it’s looking bad like Battlefield: Earth bad.

DS: Ouch.

Yes, ouch indeed. I’m gonna keep in touch with this guy, I want to know more about how a company allegedly turns children gay. Those of you who have seen their cable channel might know what I’m talking about.