A Tale Of Two Companies

I don’t know if this one is funny or sad.

The Walt Disney Company will soon be announcing some major chances in their animation department. Seems the first day wide numbers for Atlantis has them ready to shut down the department entirely, the same way they did after The Fox and Hound. First off, the axe is expected to fall heaviest in the animation storyboard and development departments, as 500 workers will be out of a job in the coming weeks, those being pinkslipped will be personally chosen by Mr. Eisner himself. The remaining 1,400 or so will have the choice of being bought out of their contracts or accepting a 45% pay cut across the board, while the remaining work will be farmed out to places like Pixar to lower their overhead. Disney is also going to cancel 3 of the 7 animation projects they currently have on the board. Which ones haven’t been decided yet.

Meanwhile, my source over at Dreamworks tells me that they are planning not one but TWO Shrek sequels and a direct to DVD story of Isaiah full length animated feature.

Now, I wonder how in the hell that happened…