News from June 15, 2001

Spike Lee Gets Jiggy With The Rent

A source close to the producers has informed that none other than Spike Lee will be announced as early as next week as the director of the upcoming feature adaptation of the 1996 Pulitzer Prize winning musical Rent. Of the original Broadway cast members, only Taye Diggs will be announced as reprising his role next week. Others may also join, but for now only Taye is aboard.

As a huge fan of the show, I wish Spike the best of luck with his version. I just wonder if he will have that one line changed from “Light My Candle” which goes “I hear Spike Lee is shooting down the street”…

Filmjerk’s Quick Reviews

“Swordfish”: I don’t remember the last time I hated watching a movie as much as I did throughout this piece of shit. The first five minutes is wasted with Travolta’s character bitching about how bad today’s Hollywood movies are. Too bad director Dominic Sena wasn’t paying attention during the shooting of this scene, because he spends the next 100 minutes proving this point. Unless he was trying to be oh so hip, in which case he is a total failure. Worse than “Gone In 60 Seconds.” Don’t know how it stacks up against “Battlefield Earth,” but this one is a total waste of time.

“Moulin Rouge”: The perfect antidote for the movie blues. I had a lot of fun watching this one. The audience I saw it with, in suburban Colorado, really got into the film as well, which leads me to believe the film isn’t all that inaccessible after all. I would have rushed right into the music store to get the soundtrack, but the store was already closed. Looks like I’ll be making an extra stop on the way home tomorrow. A must see.