News from June 10, 2001


A time when natural resources are limited. Technology has advanced at and exorbitant pace. Every aspect of your life is monitored. Your food is genetically enhanced. And the person who serves you, does your housekeeping, tends your gardens and provides companionship… they are not human at all. Engineers at Cybertronics Manufacturing and other facilities have created a specialized artificial intelligence for your every need. Except for love. Emotion has become the final and very controversial boundary in the evolution of robot capabilities.

Society has mostly deemed robots as advanced domestic devices. However, millions of couples have not been permitted to bear children, and a new class struggle is beginning. Scientists at Cybertronics have created David, the first robot created especially to love. Henry Swinton, a Cybertronics employee whose own child Martin has been been cryogenically frozen due to a terminal illness until a cure is found, and his wife Monica are chosen to be the first test subjects. As much as David slowly becomes accepted by Henry and Monica as their own child, unforeseen circumstances make it impossible for David to become a part of either human or robotic society. Along with Teddy, his toy bear and protector, David goes on his own quest to find a place to belong.

Whispers within the industry have Steven Spielberg finally locking the film, reportedly 2:24 in length, which the MPAA has given the film a PG13 rating for some sexual content and violent imagery.

Something has been bothering me about AI for months now. I understand and appreciate all the secrecy about the story and the shooting months ahead of time. But we are now 19 days away from release as I write this. Even Lucas started lifting the veil of secrecy off The Phantom Menace by this time. You can’t spend $100M on making and advertising a movie and not give the masses a good reason to plunk down up to $10 a ticket.

The two coming attractions and four commercials shown show far don’t really tell the average person anything about the movie. Even within the Hollywood film community, there is confusion as to why Warners and Spielberg are being so tight fisted with the storyline. Upon contacting one Production Company President, his simple two word response to the marketing so far… “It sucks!” My own personal opinion is that, as much as Steven Spielberg is as big a name as you can get in the movie industry and Stanley Kubrick was admired by the filmgoing elite, those two names will not be enough to take AI to the level I honestly believe it can attain.

Time to kick that marketing into overdrive, guys. The world is waiting.

Let’s Do The Time Warp Again

The Rocky Horror Picture Show has been packing them into cinemas for over a quarter century. Isn’t it time the devotees had a documentary of their ownr

A Regular Frankie Fan is about to make its World Premiere on June 22, at the Frankie Goes To Hollywood RHPS convention in Los Angeles. Narrated by Paul Williams (in the guise of his Swan character from Phantom of the Paradise), the documentary is, according to the producers, “a unique look into the colorful world of the fans of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Completely unlike anything you’ve seen on Rocky Horror before. With wonderful cooperation from fans from all over, Magick Films conducted interviews, filmed performances, rehearsals, weekly meetings, and make-up and costume preparation. A Regular Frankie Fan is a journey into what goes on inside those theatre doors at Midnight.” Liberty Publishing has already picked up domestic video and DVD rights for release later in the winter, after a potential theatrical run.

Check out the trailer, documentary about the documentary and music video for A Regular Frankie Fan here. (QuickTime required, sizes of files from 12-32 MB.)