Lemming Report #83,938,234,107

As we reported a few days ago, some freak in the Sony Pictures advertising department created a fake reviewer to quote in ads for Hollow Man and A Knight’s Tale, since these pieces of shit couldn’t get good reviews on their own.

According to the Associated Press, two moviegoers have filed a class action lawsuit against Sony Pictures, claiming they were fooled into seeing the movie, A Knight’s Tale by ads containing quotes from phony reviewer David Manning.

Omar Rezec of Sherman Oaks, and Ann Belknap of Sierra Madre filed the suit in Los Angeles Superior Court Thursday on behalf of “all moviegoers tricked by the ads.” The suit does not specify damages.

“David Manning” is really Matthew Cramer, director of creative advertising for Sony. He came up with the name as an in-joke with a college friend, David Manning, of Ridgefield, Connecticut. The ads stated that Manning worked for The Ridgefield Press, a real newspaper. No, Manning does not work there.

Cramer and another executive have been suspended from their positions at Sony.

Was Cramer acting in an unethical mannerr Sure. Is the lawsuit worthy of consideration by the courtsr Heck, no.

What are Rezec and Belknap suing FORr Who stands to gain as part of their suitr

When did it become a badge of honor in this country to be completely stupidr Was it when the lady spilled McDonalds coffee in her lap and spawned those signs that say, “Hot beverages are served hotr” Why do these so-called victims believe they are entitled to huge sums of money because they are devoid of common senser

We’ve watched huge entertainment conglomerates gobble up company after company since the Reagan years, and yet two people are completely fooled into wasting two hours of their lives by a reviewer who doesn’t existr What if he did existr What if Cramer had just called someone who worked for another company owned by Sony and asked him for a positive blurbr All Cramer really did was cut out the middle man.

How is the court going to figure out how many people saw A Knight’s Tale based on the David Manning reviewr What are these poor shmucks entitled to recoverr Do they get more money if they sat through the movie twice, or if they still think Heath Ledger is this year’s HOTTEST starr

Where does this whole mess leave legitimate criticsr If I read on this site that The Anniversary Party is the coolest movie of the year and I plunk down $10 to see it, can I sue for stress, pain and suffering, and popcorn moneyr

Where did all these stupid, stupid, lawsuit-happy people come fromr I see them grinning and simpering on the Tonight Show as they tell Jay Leno they’re sure Washington was president during the Civil War, or that Mount Rushmore is in Yellowstone National Park. They’re so proud of their stupidity that they are willing to be heard braying like asses in the national press! They’re so happy to be victims, and they’ve got their greedy little hands out for every poop-covered dollar they can grab.

Let the buyer beware. Do you think the judge will tell those unhappy moviegoers thatr I don’t. I think this will drag out like the O.J. trial, and in the end, Sony will fire Cramer and his boss and give the courts a settlement to be divided among any moviegoers who think they might remember seeing A Knight’s Tale.

Used to be, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man was king. Today, the one-eyed man is considered bad for the self-esteem of the blind. Believe me, they’ll be suing him over it.