News from May 6, 2001

Breaking News Concerning The New WGA Contract

More details concerning the WGA/AMPTP agreement are leaking out. One of the more encouraging parts of the contract is the ritualistic crucifixion of one member from each guild, as chosen by the members of the other guild. Reports have the writers leaning towards Jon Peters or Jerry Bruckhemier, while the producers have unequivocally chosen Akiva Goldsman.

More Washington B.S.

I warned everyone.

Let Joe Lieberman have his way and everything will get all screwed up.

Taking a cue from Joltin’ Joe, New Jersey Republican congresswoman Marge Roukema has drafted a resolution asking the House of Representatives to denounce the hit HBO show The Sopranos as “unfairly stereotyping Italian-Americans as mobsters”. Even though a resolution has absolutely zero legality in the eyes of the law, Roukema is wasting our tax dollars to rush this decree through the House within the next two weeks.

Her reasoningr “People stop me in the grocery store, objecting to the show,” Roukema said Tuesday. “I decided this has gotten to be so discriminatory and stereotypical of Italian-Americans as mobsters, and denigrating women and families, that I thought I have to speak out.”

That’s almost enough to make me want to get a satellite dish and see what the fuss is all about.

More Dark Savant Interviews To Come

One of the more popular attractions of this site are the outrageous conversations our resident psychotic has with his fellow creative types with in the entertainment industry. Even stranger, he’s only done one so far in six months.

Well, your wait for more will soon be over.

After escaping from the Frances Farmer Mental Hospital in upstate New York, where he was serving time for aggravated assault against an NYU law student he had seen win $250,000 on Who Wants To Be A Millionairer, Savant has made his way back to the rolling blackouts of Southern California, where he has set up a number of clandestine interviews from his underground bunker.

The first two, which we expect sometime before Pearl Harbor‘s release on video, will be with Mark Tapio Kines (director of Foreign Correspondents) and Mark Davis (director of 100 Girls). We’re also in negotiations for a number of other people in the entertainment industry, from writers and producers to movie web site administrators and the man responsible for one of the greatest movie characters ever created.

One word to pass on about 100 Girls. The film, recently acquired by Lions Gate, will be bypassing theatres completely and going straight to video. The romantic comedy is top loaded with emerging talent including Larisa Oleynik (10 Things I Hate About You), Jamie Pressly (Joe Dirt), Katherine Heigl (Roswell) and Jonathan Tucker (Sleepers) as the love struck with an eye for the ladies. The film will be out on video in September.