News from May 2, 2001

Senate, NBC Make Major Trade

Shockwaves rumbled from the Beltway to Hollywood when the Washington Senators make two historical deals with the National Broadcasting Company, sending George W. Bush and most of his staff to Los Angeles in exchange for the cast of The West Wing. Later, Vice President Dick Cheney was returned to Washington in a separate three way trade between the Senators, NBC and Comedy Central was completed:

Bush from NBC to Comedy Central for Timothy Bottoms;

Tim Matheson back to NBC for Dick Cheney;

Ted Kennedy, Henry Hyde and $2M to Comedy Central in exchange for Ben Stein and the chicks from The Man Show

Upon learning of the precedent setting trade, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh wondered “What the hell did Sorkin slip these guysr” Former President Bill Clinton was unavailable for comment. Clinton aides say he was having lunch at Planet Hollywood in Manhattan with Nicole Kidman.

New President Jed Bartlet will take the oath of office Friday evening at 9PM Eastern, only on NBC. George Bush and Tim Matheson will team with Matt Stone and Trey Parker on two projects: National Lampoon’s White House, where Matheson reprises his Animal House Otter role while Bush will play the younger, less smarter brother of the Bluto Blutarsky role made famous by the late John Belushi; Matheson and Bush then segue into the revamped satire “That’s My Bush!” to be named “Josiah’s Angels”.

King Rat vs. The Works In Dreamworks, Part Whatever reports yet another rift between the formerly friendly parties that represent the upper echelon of the Walt Disney Company and Dreamworks SKG. Citing an April 16 issue of the Radio Disney’s affiliate newsletter, individual stations have been told ”Due to recent initiatives with the Walt Disney Company, we are being asked not to align ourselves promotionally with this new release. Stations may accept spot dollars only in individual markets. Please call your affiliate relations manager, should you have any questions.” Could this new policy have been created because of some of the items mentioned by Selat in his review of Shrek earlier in the weekr

Nicole Kidman, TV Starr

Although the buzz on Moulin Rouge is not as positive as she might desire, Nicole Kidman remains one of the hottest, most in demand actresses in the world. Producers of the British television phenomenon Cold Feet have expressed their desire to nab Kidman for an upcoming episode. A spokesperson for Granada explains the show, a sort of British middle class Friends featuring former Friends semi-regular Helen Baxendale, will be shooting this season’s Christmas episode in Australia and desire a high profile Aussie lass to play a romantic foil for one of the characters.

The Sixth Senser How About The Sixth Seal Has Broken!

The Kennedy Center has announced the recipient of this year’s Mark Twain Prize for American Humor is none other than Whoopi Goldberg. Daniel Kaiser, Kennedy Center President, claimed Goldberg “represents the epitome of this art in our time, as did Mark Twain in his.” Kaiser must be talking about her riotous cameo in Rocky And Bullwinkle. Or maybe her poignant yet uproarious portrayal of Death in Monkeybone.